IHD blank screen


My IHD is not working, it has blank screen, I had it unplugged for a couple of months forgetting about it. I have now plugged it back in (for several days) and the screen is always black, I have used the power button to turn it on whilst it is plugged in but it just remains a black screen. I can see that the display is on however as the back light is lit.


Hi @kylevdm

Are you able to try using a different charger to see if it’s a charging issue? If it’s not, is it charging and it’s just the screen that’s blank?

– Robyn :bulb:

Sorry for the delay, I missed this @Robyn_at_Bulb.

It charges, the screen turns on as I can see the backlight but it just remains black.

Thanks for letting us know, this may be a fault @kylevdm

We have added a request for a new IHD to be sent at a point this year for you.

–Carl :bulb: