Jun 4, 08:59 BST

Hi bulb I know you have thousands of people with issues after there smart meter installed with no data on IHD box as I am one av sent alot of emails and forms regarding this issue and still not resumed that’s nearly 4 weeks time since a got it and did get told would be sorted in about 2 weeks. Am really sorry to say this and not am not pushing for this problem to be fixed anymore as av spent alot on my time on forums and emailing and phoning yous a got told a would need a 2nd visit from an engineer because av tried everything and would definitely have a engineer out again with in 4 weeks which is going to be this Friday so am sorry to say this but if no one has came out and sorted my IHD box them am going to go on a compare site and change suppliers sorry but my main reason for getting the IHD box in home was to monitor my usage and learn both my children about how much there using and to start being more vigilant to leaving things left on sorry to say this but left with no choice as av got alot of family members with a different supplier and once there IHD box was supplied it’s been on since and no problem what so ever .


David Brady.

Are you going for the world’s longest sentence record?

This is a known issue.


Are you going for the world's longest sentence record?

yes lol

yes lol

I’d suggest trying again, because I can’t make head nor tail of your post.