IHD budget feedback


I’m aware this has probably already been mentioned but I find the notion of a fixed budget on the IHD a bit odd, your energy use changes through the seasons and also from week to week, and I don’t find a user set budget particularly useful.
Would it be possible to add an option for a 7 day or monthly rolling average on the IHD instead of a fixed budget? This way I can see if I am using more or less energy than usual at a glance without having to get the calculator out.

Many thanks!

Hey @tobyl

Thanks for sharing your feedback, I can’t say this is a comment I’ve seen before, so it’s always nice to come across something original.

You should be able to change the budget on the IHD, although I appreciate that doing this every seven days wouldn’t be ideal. We don’t manufacture the IHDs ourselves, but you can switch between daily and monthly usage data within your Bulb Account.

Your usage data is here and you can edit how often the smart meter takes readings here