IHD Budget seems too low

Hello I had a smart meter installed in March and wondered how the budget side of the IHD is decided? The amounts which i have been provided with are unrealistic ie £1.60 for electricity and £1.95. The wife got fed up of seeing us going over budget and unplugged the IHD as she found it depressing to be over budget before 10am.

I have subsequently found how to change the budget on the IHD however i have no idea what i should be using as a daily budget any advice for determining my daily budget would be appreciated.


Go into the history and check what you’re using each day. Try setting it a bit lower and see if you can keep within budget. All bulb ihds are set at £1.60 and £1.95 so don’t get depressed if you go over. They’ve been set at that value for years during manufacturing