I have one of these half baked devices. Problems so far:-

  1. Display froze, fixed by discharging the battery.
  2. Display prone to mains interference, had mine plugged in next to the cooker switch, fix was to move it to a socket on another circuit.
  3. Display gets caught in a continual re-boot loop, after a power outage, no solution.
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It could be that the IHD is attempting to connect. I received a replacement and it was in a loop, messages saying attempting to connect. It took three days before it connected.

I can beat that. Mine has been rebooting for 16 days now. 5 days after the install of my “smart” meters. It’s hypnotic. I’ve tried draining the battery, twice, resetting the stored data, 5 times, and even shouting at it. Nothing works.

Bulberino you have really cheered me up, knowing that others are worse off than me! We are all doomed, and don’t panic. Wonder if bulb are listening? Think they are deaf.

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Deaf and useless in my opinion. 20 plus emails ignored now so I’m looking to change supplier after Christmas.

I understand my “smart” meters will probably become dumb again but at least someone will hopefully speak to me or answer an email.

I actually got a reply to an email, try daniel@bulb.co.uk (daniel Cullum director of product)


Thanks for the info. :+1:t2:

I also have this issue. I have reported to Bulb by email and by phone. Someone was supposed to call me back, but weeks later - nothing.

It was a bit of an issue as the external meter was also playing up and I couldn’t take any readings, but it’s since come back to life.