IHD Chameleon not sending readings + constant reboot loop

I have been on a smart meter since April/May, and since then it has never show electricity readings, and not submitted any readings to Bulb, the device has been constantly rebooting for the last 3 months or so as well, never stays on for more than 3 minutes. Despite numerous calls and being told “we are working on a fix” at my wits end

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Hi @kevinhill - could you drop us a private message with some more information so I can look into the issues you’re having with your In-Home Display?

Hi not sure how to send a private message, can’t see the option

Click on Jim_at_Bulb name then click the bright pink “Message” button. This will allow you to sent a Direct Message to Jim.


I don’t get that option

Mine is also in a reboot loop. Time set at midnight and no account or meter info. The wifi connection is weird though - the IHD reports its MAC starting 0C: and indeed it previously connected to my wifi with the MAC indicated - but now it connects without maker identification (Chameleon) and the MAC reported starts 0E: in other words it seems to have a fault somewhere. [MAC addresses checked on the router admin page and using Fing.] I can ping the IHC okay. But it never connects properly and keeps rebooting.

That’s exactly the same as mine, I even changed router and joined that network and the constant recycles continued

I can’t understand how the MAC is identical except the first pair. MAC addresses are meant to be unique globally as far as I recall. It looks like one bit has flipped from zero to one somewhere in the IHD, from 1100 to 1110. Well I guess we both have to hope that we’ll get a replacement IHD one day, in the meantime I’ve simply switched mine off to save electricity. Ironic.

@Jim_at_Bulb The forum doesn’t allow new customers at Trust Level 0 to send PMs.

@William_at_Bulb Looks like this default needs changing maybe?

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