IHD "Connecting"

My IHD isn’t connecting to the Smart Meter. I have turned it on and off several times. The WAN light on the trillian meter shows flashing red. The IHD shows full wireless signal, and confusingly, advanced settings show gas and electric as paired.
Can anyone kindly advise me what I should do? I believe the meter was initially installed by British Gas. This is my first post apologies if I have not abided by community etiquette etc.
Thanks in advance for your help.

If your meter was installed by BG it is probably smets1 “smart” meter in which case it will show as paired but won’t show usage/tariff details and you will have to submit manual readings to BULB(for accuracy 1-2 days before bill date)

Thanks. My fault for not mentioning:

  • It has worked fine for some time, supplying gas and electric usage/stats on the IHD as expected. It just stopped doing so.
  • It is SMETS2 Meter

Can only refer you to the numerous posts on here about the problems with smart meters not functioning as they should(bit of a “postcode lottery” as to when they will be sorted)

The IHD gets new firmware via the WiFi so I would leave your IHD switched on and WiFi connected. Have you reported the problem to Bulb? There are many components to the system and most of it cannot be fixed by consumers.

However, it should be noted that @joycie says the SMETS2 meter worked fine while operated by British Gas. There have also been reports of Bulb-installed non-functioning SMETS2 meters and IHDs working just fine after switching away from Bulb to another supplier.

Whilst there are clearly industry-wide problems, it does appear that many of the problems are purely on the Bulb-side of the stack.

I agree some problems could be down to Bulb. I just don’t think that any of us consumers are in the position to know for sure where the problems lie.

I can imagine a situation where the DCC have made a mistake, during transfer say, and another where Bulb have. And other possibilities. In any case, it can only be reported and chased by @joycie

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You are all very kind and helpful.

With sincere apologies, we have since realised it is a SMETS1 device. Regardless, it was still functioning ok with the IHD previously. It is not a big issue.

We have opted to wait until the hopeful forthcoming change to allow all providers to read from the British Gas system. We will turn the IHD off, as to be honest it causes more worry to my 90 year old mum than perhaps it’s worth.
Simple solution really is just to avoid using any high usage devices as much as possible!
Thanks again
Joy’s son.

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You should still be able to take manual readings from both gas and electric meters. These can be submitted to Bulb.

Yes the SMETS1 will be fixed eventually to work with new suppliers. But that could take a very long time. Until then they’re just dumb - old style - meters.