IHD Constantly re-booting after power cut

After a power cut, my IHD is not communicating with the smart meters, It re-boots every 74 seconds,
3 leds and “welcome to your new energy meter” etc This cycle is continuous all the time the power adapter is in use. Using the Bulb reset procedure had no effect. Bulb have passed it onto their smart meter team? The ordinary help people were clueless!

Previously the IHD froze, on that occasion I left it to discharge the battery completely, that was a fix at that time.

Have you tried leaving it to fully discharge again?

The fact there’s no way to properly turn off or reset these things is bizarre.

My IHD went blank 3 weeks after installation. Nothing showing on display and turning power on/off made no difference so emailed Bulb for help/advice. 2 weeks later still no reply from them so tried another email. Another 10 days later (yesterday) my IHD suddenly came to life and is showing all the data it should. Whether it’s something Bulb did to reset it I don’t know as they didn’t respond to either of my emails. I suspect failure of IHD is not a priority for Bulb as long as they continue to receive usage data.

It is not possible to discharge the battery, because when the IHD is not connected to the adapter, it simply turns off after 74 seconds, and you need to press the on button to start it again. Guess I could just keep pressing the button for the next 2 or 3 hours !!!

Same issue here Philip. Mines a IHD3 (chameleon Tech Ltd 2018). Tried turning off/on again and letting discharge. Also tried online reset request on Bulb website. Nothing successful. Will contact support and report back what i find. Rob

I managed to find an email for Daniel Cullum, director of product at bulb, he actually replied to me! He passed the problem onto a Matthew Smith, Smart product energy specialist. Bulb email format is first name, then at, then bulb co uk, I am waiting for some sort of solution. I also have the dreaded Chameleon IHD. I also email Chameleon, they just passed the buck back to Bulb.

Nice one Philip. Radio-silence from Bulb after my initial direct email contact. I’ll try again today. Rob