IHD constantly rebooting itself - version 1.4

My IHD and smart meters have been working fine since installation around 7 weeks ago. Today I noticed no readings on the IHD for either gas or electricity … and then whilst watching it, I’ve noticed it’s constantly rebooting.

If I go into the menus I see it’s reporting Software Version 1.4 and IHD6-CAD-PPMID 1.4 CAD 1.9 … I’ve manually rebooted it and also gone into Settings / Clear Settings and Data - which worked (to clear settings) but the thing still reboots around every minute.

Any tips to try? Or do I just turn it off and chuck it in a drawer?

That’s all mine does now. It was fine for about 6 hours after installation (even if it did only show gas) but then it started to reboot.

I’ve told bulb, they weren’t that interested. All they keep telling me is that they’ll have a fix for the IHD only showing gas some Time in 2020. Even though it’s quite obvious my IHD is also very broken and it needs replacing.

Give them a call and report it!

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