IHD constantly reboots itself

6 weeks after install and several support calls and emails later, I finally had my IHD working with both Gas and Elec readings for a total of about 6 hours, I came down the next morning to find the IHD disconnected and constantly rebooting itself every 5-6 minutes.

Does anyone have any advice or things to try in this scenario, I have tried the usual

  1. Reset, power on right next to the meter
  2. Clear and re-entry WiFi details
  3. Power off and power back on (many times!)

I’m beginning to think that being an early adopter was not such a good idea, I stuck relying on estimated reading which I hate :frowning:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi the exact same issue happened to me as well as not connecting to Wi-fi and clock not displaying the correct time because of that. I thought that the IHD was faulty as it would not hold a charge. praktika@bulb was very helpful and put me on the list for a replacement - with no time frame for delivery. I put the IHD in a drawer and forgot about it but last week took it out and plugged it in and hey presto both gas and electricity data is coming through. The traffic lights feature at the bottom has never worked though except during power up. I wonder how long it will function before going offline again.