IHD does not work

Had the Smart meter fitted Friday 1st of March. Nothing on the electrical side of the ihd works. Engineer who fitted it said it would take 24hrs to start working, after numerous phone calls. That was four days ago a still not working. Rung Bulb and was told that the smart team would be in touch but could be a few weeks. Also said they were aware of the issue. Wish I had know about the issues they were having as I would not have changed meters. Very disappointed in Bulb at this time.

I have just booked smart meters for 2 April. Need to see this problem is fixed or will cancel.

We also had gas and electricity smart meters fitted on Friday 1st March (SMETS2). We have the Chameleon Technology IHD3-CAD-PPMID and it won’t connect to the HAN or show any data from the meters - confusingly it seems to show some sample/demo data which makes it look like it’s working but it isn’t. Bulb support have said they’re aware of it, but it’s very disappointing and I’ve no idea how long it will take to get resolved :frowning:

On the bright side, I’m no longer able to submit meter readings on the Bulb website which I assume means that it’s sending readings over automatically now. Unfortunately it looks like my previous readings history (on the chart anyway) have been reset/lost.

I’ve got it connected to the Wi-Fi at least, which took a few attempts using WPS. Putting it right next to the router when making the initial connection seemed to help.

It’s still not working.

I’m in the same boat as OP. Had the meter installed yesterday, was promised the IHD would work in 24 hours. Not working yet.

We seem to be having the same issue. I guess we’ll see what happens in the next 24 hours!

There’s another thread on IHD issues:


Just had ours fitted today and the IHD is stuck in a constant reboot loop. Tried to phone customer service and they close at 6pm. Total joke!

Same problem here. First the electricity just not showing. Nothing helps. Tried to call Bulb, noone answers. Tried to reset with button for 5 secs as advised. Now whole thing hangs. No buttons work at all. Screen ‘stuck’. Can’t believe engineer left with something not working. My wife was at home when fitted and engineer told her all was working. Engineer also failed to note meter readings for gas. Slapdash work. Terrible tech. Awful customer service. Noone listening!!

Hi there, if you need to contact us via phone our lines are open 9am-6pm Monday to Friday. We are aware of the smart meter issues and apologise for this. As explained in this blog post there are many issues getting this setup as if often the case with new technological infrastructure that is rolled out nationwide.

@“HenryF at Bulb”, if I could draw your attention to this paragraph from the link you posted above:

We’re working hard on fixing these problems. Within two weeks, we’ll introduce a way for members to fix their IHD through their Bulb Account. We’ll keep members affected by this regularly updated.

That blog post is dated 31st May 2019 and the so called fix Bulb were introducing within two weeks of that post isn’t working for me and no doubt countless others. The post also states Bulb will keep members (paying customers) regularly updated, so why do I find myself having to chase up Bulb, not only regarding the IHD issues but more importantly billing issues. Patiently waiting for the customer service agent I spoke to yesterday to email me and give me an accurate bill figure given there has been no statement on my app since 26th March. Apparently it’s a complex issue and outwith their remit so they had to escalate it. That is not their fault it’s Bulb’s for not having enough trained staff to deal with the issues the smart meter installations are throwing up. It would appear that Bulb do not have the infrastructure in place to deal with the problems that have arisen.

I’d like my bill ASAP in order for me to move forward ie consider a new supplier with a good customer service record. Something sadly and disappointedly lacking at Bulb.

Just joined Bulb and had Smart meters fitted 24th June. No mention from the fitting engineer of these problems with the IHD. Submitted the online form from the account twice - no response and no connection. Also emailed smart@bulb.co.uk as a more direct way of reporting the problem. No response to the email
Had to delve into this blog to even discover his is a know, large, problem.
NOT GOOD ENOUGH BULB. I expect you to contact customers by email to explain what’s going on - not hide it inside a blog
Bulb also just emailed me asking for meter readings, having fitted the smart meters - daft!

On 14th October 2019 a BULB engineer changed my SMETS2 Electricity meter due to a fault with the old one, at the same time he installed a new Chameleon IHD6 In Home Display and connected it to my home WiFi,
the engineer assured me that the IHD would connect to the SMETS 2 hub/meters within 48 hours, three months on the IHD still hasn’t connected to the Network. I have checked that it has the latest firmware, I have restarted it several times, I have completed the online report form several times, I have phoned Bulb to report the issue, I have sent several emails, used the Web chat several times.
I still get the same LAME excuse from BULB that they are aware of the problem and are looking in to it for a fix.
Come on BULB pull your fingers out!!!