IHD Elec Usage Costs don't add up

My IHD came online a few days ago although just for elec as the gas meter isn’t working.
Total cost for ‘so far this year’ is £11.60.
I went through the daily history which starts on the 16th Aug and added up all the daily usage, this comes to £7.39.
Why is the total higher then the actual usage costs?

Sounds about right when you add on your daily standing charge

interesting, so why does the IHD show daily without VAT and the rolling total with the VAT, doesn’t make sense.

You pay VAT on your total bill not on your dailly usage

my ‘usage so far’ isn’t my total bill, the same for ‘so far this week’ also isn’t my total bill but the days don’t add up to the the sum totals.
I think my total bill is monthly so that would make sense to have VAT added to that.

sorry, ignore all that, I thought you said VAT at 5%, now I see you say SC, did you change your post?

Yes my mistake, said vat instead of standing charge