ihd failed to restart, what happens now

Despite (presumably) attempts to get my IHD working last weekend, the attempt failed. Still no current data. Bulb informed of this but no acknowledgment of that. WHAT HAPPENS NOW?

I am in the same boat had my smart meter fitted last Thursday 13 June. IHD still not working have tried all things that bulb suggested also what the community advised but Bulb have been very unhelpful I wish I never bothered to have a smart meter installed. I am thinking of leaving Bulb if this is not sorted

Had mine in May 13th, still not working, just had an email asking for my meter reading, they are totally taking the p

Got a link to reset my IHD, tried it, as expected, it didn’t work.

Can’t even be used as a doorstop…

A week gone and still no response from Bulb as to what happens next! Incredible!

Sorry that some of you are still having issues with this. Fixing IHD issues can be a little fiddly, much like when you have WiFi or Bluetooth issues on a perfectly functioning mobile phone. We know it can be frustrating, so thanks for your patience so far.

Just to confirm that the IHD needs to be fairly near the electricity meter - if it’s very far away this can sometimes cause issues.

The best way to get a quick fix is to report the problem here: https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/smart/ihd-issues

There’s an up-to-date blog post on the IHD issues here: https://bulb.co.uk/blog/in-home-display-update

The latest fix is working for roughly half the members who’ve contacted us. If this hasn’t worked, then unfortunately it’s likely that your IHD is having a rarer issue that we’re not able to fix yet.

We’ve raised these issues with the manufacturer of the IHDs, who are currently working to get to the bottom of them. Once they’ve done this, we can revisit your issue and hopefully get things moving for you.

Smart technology and the ecosystem that surrounds it is very new. It involves a range of different data companies, suppliers, manufacturers, engineers and software. It’s bringing challenges for every energy supplier, but we think the benefits will be worth it. We’ve made good progress so far, and appreciate your patience while we get everything up and running smoothly.

I’ve just had that scripted response by email but it also said that some houses aren’t compatable with IHD!s!
I was told that my meters were sending readings to Bulb, well the only gas reading on my account was 2 weeks ago but the electricity readings seem to be ok.
Joke of a company!

Thanks for the advice AliceJ at Bulb. Same instructions as last time. I performed them again yesterday and wait with baited breath for something to happen with the IHD. Can’t hold that breath for ever and I am hoping that this is not a case of AliceJ in Wonderland.

Can’t even be used as a doorstop...

Brilliant!! :slight_smile:

Well it wasn’t Wonderland! It was Blunderland! A blunder on my part hoping that the fix would work. IT DID NOT! Smart meter April 16, now June 28! Still IHD showing awaiting current Data. What do you have to do to get this sorted! Disgusting service!

It is now a week since my installation. Similar problem as others are having, “Electricity data Unavailable (EDU)”. My IHD is now sitting on top of the Electric meter so I have no distance issues. Switching the IHD off and on will give me readings for both gas and electric, after short period the electric is lost. I phoned Bulb last Thursday to request assistance, the girl said she would reset it and it would take 48 hours!!! In this day and age of electronics it does not take 48 hours to have an effect. Anyway 48 hours on and still the same issue, the electrical data is unavailable. To restore it I have to switch it off and on again, it is incapable of self reseting when signal is restored, I have to do that myself.
All the time this has been going on, losing the EDU, the gas has been working fine. therefore I ask the question why is the gas working and not the electric? This would lead me to think that the issue is with the electrical transmitter box EDMI, not the IHD. Please correct me if I am wrong, as I was informed by the installation engineer that the gas meter sends the signal to the electric meter and then they both get sent to Bulb, but are they both also sent to the IHD?
Therefore I ask bulb who are promoting themselves as a leading green energy company to do something about this. We, bulb customers, would like to do our part and save energy given the correct tools to do it with, but we can’t. Or do you want us to just forget about it, unplug the IHD and put it in the drawer and forget about it?
Bulbs comments would be appreciated.