IHD following switch from E.ON

Hi, I completed my switch from E.ON a couple of weeks ago as I wanted to make use of the Bulb/SmartThings Energy Monitor (STEM). I have a Chameleon IHD3 from E.ON, but it doesn’t have built-in CAD so I cannot connect it to my WiFi and therefore cannot set up the STEM. How do I go about getting a replacement IHD3 with CAD? Regards, Simon.

Hi @simon.foster148 and welcome to our community :bulb:

The vast majority of Chameleon IHD3 should have CAD built in (only the really early models aren’t able to connect to WIFI). In the top right hand corner does it have either:

If your IHD3 is able to connect to Wi-Fi, it will show the following icons at the top of the screen:

  • a group of curved bars
  • a group of straight bars?

If it is an early model without CAD. I will have speak to the smart team and see what we would do in this situation. However, regardless we will not be able to send a new IHD at the moment due to the situation with coronavirus and in particular the fact that we’re all working from home at the moment.

Hi Noah, my IHD has nothing in the top right corner, but in the left it has the curved bars but no straight bars. On the bottom of the unit it says IHD3-PPMID/CA30101.


Hi @simon.foster148 I can see you’ve also mentioned in an email to us that the In Home Display that you’re sure your IHD 3 doesn’t have CAD. Once the lockdown restrictions are being lifted please get back in touch with us and we can update you on whether we’re then able to send you a replacement