IHD Gas readings, at the stroke of midnight

So, I’m into week 3 of having my IHD smart meter.
After the first week I’m used to seeing the immediate 20p usage of gas on the meter at midnight, but tonight I happen to be by the meter at midnight.
73p immediately. What the…!?!
How? Why? I don’t get it?
I understand (I think) that the readings on the IHD are an indicator and not what we’re billed (I hope), but how can I take this seriously?

Opinions please.


Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 00.26.05|628x500

Hi @PolizeiYT

The 20p figure is for the standing charge on the meter, you can see more about the tariff here.

I am not sure what the extra 50p~ would be, there can be a slight lag with the IHD so it could be from before this time and the IHD has just caught up or it could be something that is on at that time.

Was that for gas or electricity? :thinking:

Have you seen this or similar again? I would recommend monitoring it over a period of time.