IHD has never connected to my smartmeters

SMETS2 smartmeters were installed back in February, and I’ve since been sent two IHDs. The second one because the first one could never connect. Same story with the second one … I follow the procedure during the 1-hour slot that Bulb have agreed, meter searches for a few minutes and then goes back to demo mode. Bulb are (most of the time) getting Smart readings, so I guess the meters and comms box themselves are working.

Does this match anyone’s experience? As far as Bulb are concerned, I think they’ve run out of new things to try. Would it help to connect it to WiFi? Does it need an update?

Bulb sent me a replacement IHD. It took two days before it connected to the electricity meter,and now,after two months it only displays electricity data,no gas.

When you say it took two days before it connected, did it keep trying to connect for two days, or do you mean it took a second attempt to connect, during a 1 hour timeslot initiated by Bulb?

Both of mine seem to give up trying after just a few minutes.

It kept cycling,saying trying to connect which it did after two days.

Same here, been trying since June to get the thing to work, i think the 1 hour time slots are a running joke that customer service use to amuse themselves because i am almost certain that nothing is being done during these time slots. My meter gave a few reads and then stopped again, now i back to the Bulb random number generator to “estimate” my bills.

My British Gas installed SMETS2 worked for the first meter reading with Bulb in July, but has since stopped connecting. I’m experiencing the same issue that it just continuously states “connecting to smart meter…” but never does.

I’m now being pestered for a meter reading, which I can’t give. I also (like many others) sent an email weeks ago and tried calling Bulb, to no avail. I feel snookered at present, but will no doubt go down the path of contacting the ombudsman services.

Bulb smart meters installed by a siemens engineer on the 5th August 2019
two smart readings and since then is estimated so had to go back to my readings being submitted so not so smart meters a waste of time and money especially as the IHD has never worked and all you get is we will reset it
no longer impressed with Bulb