IHD has never worked since install?

Says it is connected to the wifi ok, error shown on screen is always " connection lost…" have been thru the bulb auto reset wizard several times but has never worked.
have tried various locations incl. hallway where meter is no good, had a large bill last month and want to know where i’s coming from so getting important to have this working.
battery is failing on the unit so only lasts a couple of minutes not plugged in.
any ideas please?

Hi @mdbuk,

Welcome to Bulb’s community! :raised_hands:

I’ve had a look into the issue you’ve described and it looks like we just need to commission your IHD and everything should then work again as expected. I’ve sent you an email so we can work together to get this resolved, reply when you can and we’ll go from there.

Freya :bulb:

Did not get the promised call on thurs, waited in all afternoon Freya…

@mdbuk we need a slot to run the remote commissioning but we won’t need to call you in this time! If you’re at home most time during the week we can get this slot booked in for you over the coming week, I’ve let @Freya_at_Bulb know to book one in and email to confirm it for you

ok so, the instructions sent were incorrect, those i could follow failed to do anything and emails to Freya about this have gone unanswered…it would be an understatement to say not a great result at all…


is this now just being brushed under the carpet, no responses to any of my communication’s about this failure to fix, very disappointing…

Hi @mdbuk,

I’m sorry that we haven’t got back to you yet about commissioning your IHD. I’ve brought this to Freya’s attention and she’ll get back to you as soon as she can.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get that sorted soon.

Apologies for the delay,

Niamh :bulb:

Getting very frustrated here, had contact from freya who suggested we retry the commissioning process ignoring the other emails i had sent stating the instructions were incorrect.
i responded pointing this out and after a week she has responded and is obviously not understanding or refusing to accept the device is at fault.
the instructions are not difficult
goto screen a…check
goto screen b, check
press icon c, err no that doesn’t exist???

where to go from here?

Hi @mdbuk

I can see Freya has an open email thread with you to work this out so she’ll be able to get back to you there if there are still ongoing issues! :blush:

I have had the exact same problems, the IHD has not worked from day one, rebooted, moved rooms, even taken outside by the meter, Will not work. Spoken with bulb on a number of occasions, all say they sort it out and contact me ! No body has ever contacted me, seriously thinking of switching, to see if I can get a reasonable service from one.
HDI now left in box as I have now totally given up on it.
It took 2.5 years for Bulb to actually get round to fitting the meter.
Dissatisfied customer.

The item 1. On the screen is not showing up, and the time is incorrect. HDI less than 5 meters from meter box.


Hey Alan - Welcome to Community :wave:

I’m sorry to hear you have been having issues with your IHD. It looks like we will need to try commissioning your IHD. Are you able to set this back up for us?

Once set up, we can check in to see what is causing the problem and look to get this sorted as soon as possible for you.

– Daisy :bulb: