IHD has never worked

I have registered for a smart meter a while ago and was finally installed about a month ago. we were told by the engineer that the IHD would take a few hours to activate which it didnt. I connected it to my wifi and keep it within range of the electricity meter but the IHD would just never connect properly. I have been through the 3 step check to report an issue with this but nothing has been done. One day I took the IHD off its charging cable and its battery lasted less than 10min so had to keep it on charge. there was still no change to the display after reporting this again and when I went back to check on the IHD, it wont even turn on anymore. I am so disappointed with this whole process as its really been a pain and I need the reading for my FIT

You should be able to get an export reading directly from the meter itself - largely defeats the point of the IHD, I know (but then, I don’t know if IHDs even show export readings).

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Hi Bazilla, Its the norm with Bulb Smart Meters, all Bulb are interested in is getting the meter read automatically, I wanted to check my usage, the Government are pushing Smart Meters so that customers can check their usage but Bulbs Smart Meter IHD just dont work, I know about 6 other people with the same problem, mine was fitted middle of August and it never work from the moment I plugged it in.
I complained to Bulb and all they have done is get me to post the IHD to their Smart Team who are working from home, no one knows when the IHD will be examined. They haven’t resolved my complaint, their customer services is a joke, I now don’t have an IHD which is just great at least its not using electric, apparently I have to complain Utilities Ombudsman.
Bulb customer services is very poor in my experiance.

thanks for the help guys. it does seem like its time to move as I have never had such difficulty with an energy provider before

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We are sorry this has not been a smooth process.

I can see your electricity meter is set up correctly however the reads have not come through yet, are you happy for me to change the reads to be read daily rather than monthly? This usually sorts out connectivity issues.

Does the IHD not turn on when you plug it in? I recommend holding down the on/off button - if this doesn’t work please let me know.

You can still get all reads from the meter itself. Here is a guide I can see you submitted your FIT application on the 07 Nov so the next FIT read will be the end of December.

If you are having difficulty getting the FIT read please let us know and we can look into that.