IHD has stopped showing data

My IHD stopped showing data last Thursday. I reset via my account on web but 48 hours have passed but still IHD says waiting for data.

Gas usage started to return on the Bulb app graph but no electricity. Every was working fine for months. Really want this working again so I can track and analyse my energy usage during the winter months.

Hope you can fix this quickly.

Hi @tony2,

I hope you’re doing well!

So I took a look into your account and I see that your IHD and electricity meter has partially fallen off from your home area network (HAN), as a result it is only showing partial usage.

My colleague has already requested a Comms Hub Reboot for you to kickstart everything.

This may take 2-4 weeks to take place as all of the requests are done via the DCC (Data Communications Company), since we’re unable to send the request to reboot your HAN directly, but this should do the trick nonetheless.

Hello Trevor,its great to see that you know what you are doing,maybe thats why you are a leader.Can you do the SAME FOR ME,PLEASE?Thanks in advance,Regards,Ray

I had a Comms Hub Reboot a couple of months ago. My IHD is now showing gas only. Obviously their ‘kickstart’ does not permanently fix the issue. Perhaps everybody’s IHD should be routinely rebooted every month or so, then we don’t have to wait 2-4 weeks to have our IHDs working properly.

Hi @Robdob, I can see that unfortunately the reboot failed.

There are some problems on the smart network that can cause reboots to fail right now. Both the meter manufacturers and network operators are working on solutions to these currently and we’ll roll fixes out once they’re ready.

We’ve made a note that your reboot wasn’t successful and will be in touch to advise you on next steps if necessary.

Hi @redw756389, are you experiencing issues with your IHD? If you let me know the issue you’re having, I can look into this.

Octopus left me with a IHD3 and this was showing gas & electric OK,after weeks of begging Hugo finally sent me a IHD6,this was set up with the GUID,and paired to my Wi-Fi and paired with the pass phrases.I installed the smartthings app,it has NEVER shown any readings on the app or the bulb energy meter portion within it,3 weeks ago the IHD3 stopped showing electric readings.I have a FREE web based service from Bright-Hildebrand,this gives me ALL my half hour data on my web portal,and the app on my phone,this is all FREE,and has harvested the data from my meters since June 17th. when they were installed,commissioned and enrolled.Bulb are unable to get my graphs on my phone working,bulb are unable to get my smartthings app working,bulb are unable to give me data on the web portal after October 18th.bulb cannot get the IHD3 to display gas and electric,like it WAS doing,bulb are unable to get the IHD6 to display gas & electric.ALL OF THIS DATA is inside my meters as required by law for 13 months at half hour readings,this is proven by the Bright-Hildebrand portal,and the app on my phone,it is all there,in half hour readings,the DCC should get off thei fat AR** and sort it out.On the other hand maybe they really are incompetant and getting munnies under false pretences.if they were a business in the private sector,then whoever was paying their wages would take them to court as the shisters that they are,who are they accountable to?any takers?Ithank you,Lou for your time,RSVP,regards,Ray PS Alice tried to manually pull readings,she said that it failed

@redw756389 I’m really sorry to hear that we’ve tried to fix the issue but it hasn’t worked :slightly_frowning_face:

A few in-home displays have been having issues that cannot be fixed by re-pairing them to the meters, which is all we’re able to do at Bulb. In some cases, once the meters and the in-home display have been paired, re-running these commands doesn’t fix the problem.

We are hoping to roll out some improvements towards the beginning of December, and more will follow as solutions for other problems are found. We’ll keep working with the manufacturer and the DCC to get this sorted for you.

You are being let down by manufacturers,let down by your bosses,let down by DCC and Capita,it really is an outrage that these smart meters are not delivering on promises made.In the year 2010,yes 10 years ago nPower installed me a couple of the first smart meters in the country,on a trial,they were called AMR meters,they performed flawlessly for ten years until January 2020 when bulb removed them,and thus the DCC became involved,would you care to tell me to whom DCC and Capita are accountable to? They are milking the system,just like Carrilion,like the Siemens MoT rollout,like the NHS computer rollout,like the £7000 a day track and trace shisters,if these businesses worked for me and you in a private capacity we would demand they prove their competance,and me and you would want our monies back,I am NOT waiting until December,and I want Thirty Quid compensation,please,RSVP,Regards,Ray

What’s this? How’s this work?
My IHD has been a paperweight since it fitted April 2019, so I’m interested in other options.

I have been corresponding with a really helpful person called Jane Wilson at Bright-Hildebrand here:- support@glowmarkt.com
Their site is here:- Display and CAD - Smart meters – Glow from Hildebrand
Half way down the page the INTERESTING bit is

"Our obligations as a DCC Other User mean that SMETS2 customers will have to verify their identity before we can retrieve their data; this is all managed through our Bright App. We are able to join your Display and CAD to your SMETS2 meters without your supplier’s involvement because we are a SECAS (Smart Energy Code Administrator) approved DCC Other User. Please be assured that your verification data is stored in a separate, secure system and Hildebrand are ISO 27001 Certified.
You can see how popular because they sold out of stuff,Jane Wilson tells me that they are getting more in by December,and me in particular will be getting a discount on their USB CAD dongle as I shall beta test it with them. You will find things MOST SECURE,by law your smart meters MUST retain at least 13 months of data at the highest level meaning half hourly collections.Take my word for it,ITS ALL INSIDE your SMETS2 gas & electric meters,the jokers at DCC and Capita are shisters,and good folks at energy companies are having to field questions and irate customers.Has your IHD got the CAD built in? is it IHD3 CAD or IHD6 CAD?

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When it switches on it shows “IHD3-PPMID-CAD 2.1”.

I’ve just had a look at the comms hub and both HAN and WAN LEDs flash together every 5 (or 6) seconds. Although looking back through comments above, that may have been talked about on another thread.

Get into settings and pair it to your home Wi-Fi,then get into the pair with your meter page and then pair it with your meter with the FOUR pass phrases,this is how its done on the IHD6 CAD PPMID which I have,I also have the IHD3 left me by Octopus that HAS NOT got the CAD built in the user guid for your IHD3 CAD is on the bulb pages,I am confident that because your IHD3 CAD PPMID display you will be able to get your data,PS the installer SHOULD have given your GUID numbers to the DCC to “enrol” it when he left it,if its not enrolled then get on the bulb chat,and give them your GUID (printed underneath,and displayed on start up) they will offer you a two hour window to enrol it,but maybe its enrolled already? If HAN and WAN flash every five seconds,then I think they are paired nicely already

My IHD connects to wifi but my issue has been it never connecting to the meter.
The only thing I can find in the IHD settings are “Pair CAD to account” for connecting to the smart things app. But that’s no good because the IHD doesn’t connect to the meter to get the info.

Everything I find suggests the IHD is faulty or not paired properly - the comms hub on the electric meter is apparently okay, and the readings are being sent back to bulb.
The only things I can get done are a comms hub reboot, or the link that does the meter re-pair thing on the bulb site.
Neither of those have worked before though.

I’ve got a feeling my issues stemmed from the wrong meter being left on the account initially. That was eventually corrected, and I’ve got a feeling that’s why my IHD won’t get any info. Can’t get anywhere for getting it resolved though.

Get going with the FREE Bright-Hildebrand stuff,best things in life are FREE:-))

I’ve just gone on chat to ask if we can try something different rather than waiting for the comms hub reboot again, after lots of waiting for reboots and trying that IHD thing on the support pages.
I got an abrupt end to the chat - not surprised really.

I’ve signed up and submitted my info. Now to wait :slight_smile:

Can we all get together and force bulb to use these if they work!

I suspect not, the company is classic ostrich pose when it comes to customer service.

I have just compained to Ombudsman - I urge everyone to do so, it is the only way this whole issue will get sorted, when it hurst their pockets.

Nice One,look out for Hugo M on the live chat,and on here,I can assure you that if you get him then you have won the lottery,and I have told him so a couple of times,he is the one that has sorted me out a few times.Regards the sign up process on the Bright-Hildebrand stuff,get chatting with Jane Wilson,as you know,part of the SECURE,I mean SECURE,REALLY,sign up process you have to submit a video of yourself and proof,via a passport or plastic driving licence.I had to upload my pink paper driving licence,as I have NEVER had a plastic licence,and I checked up on the DVLA web site,and YES,they are still legal,I save about sixteen quid I think,nice.I also have NEVER had a passport (I am 62,and am happy just going to the seaside:-)) Jane said another of the users also was NOT able to show a passport,and also did not have a plastic dring licence,so they uploaded a copy of their sub-aqua diving credentials.She said that whe they get audited by the DCC she would show them all these matters,who knows,they might get of their Fat AR** and take note of what us end users NEED.I have just been told by Hugo that if you are North of Manchester then reboots are 6weeks,if you are south of Manchester reboots are two weeks,we live in a computer age,if I plugged into your car On-Board Diagnostics port and told you that it would be six weeks before the fault codes and action could be taken there would be BOTHER.PHATT KHNTS should get off their fat AR and stop milking things like the £7000 a day track and trace shisters.Let us know how you get on with ALL your data harvested from both your meters onto your web portal,and on your phone app,RSVP,Regards,Ray PS send Jane an e-mail she works late,like lots of us,she once replied at 8pm,she is so helpful

It’s now almost March '21v and my IHD is still just showing gas. Any possibility of getting this resolved at all…please :anguished:?

Hey @Robdob - thanks for chasing this up! Have you tried following this link to get your gas meter connected to your IHD?