IHD has stopped showing Electric info since moving to Bulb

Hi since moving to Bulb My Electric info has disappeared from my IHD and Bulb is only receiving gas smart readings, Have contacted Bulb a few times and keep getting different explanations but nothing seems to be getting done. The person i am now dealing with has been waiting nearly 2 weeks for the smart team to get back to her for a resolution for my smets 2 electric meter to start sending info again. (all worked fine with previous supplier.)

can anyone help (only moved to Bulb as there were some one recommended them for there good service but now having 2nd thoughts) :frowning:
Many thanks

Hi @Gavalar

Welcome to the Bulb Community - I’m sorry your first post had to be reporting this, but we’re happy to have you onboard :ship:

I’ve taken a look into your case now. It seems that your electricity meter has dropped off the communications hub in your property. This means it won’t send us readings automatically, and the IHD won’t be showing electricity usage.

This is an issue that is fixed by rebooting the communications hub, which can be done remotely. We request these reboots from the DCC (who run the smart network), and they action them for us. The issue is they have a large number of them to process from every supplier, meaning a request can take around 4 weeks to be actioned. We’re still waiting for the DCC to process our request for your communications hub. It was initiated about a week ago, and the agent handling your case will be checking back regularly for their response.

I can only apologize this happening has coincided with you switching to Bulb. Rebooting the communications hub should resolve your issues, but as we’re relying on the DCC to do this we can’t speed it along.

Don’t worry though, your IHD will be back up and running soon :robot:

Hi Curtis thank you for the quick reply and sharing that info with me, the agent i spoke to via Email said she was waiting for the smart team to reply. But thanks for clearing that up and gives me hope things will be up and running again soon? :smiley:

many thanks

Hi @Gavalar

Sorry for the confusion with that, we’ve also contacted the smart team to see if there’s anything additional they can do to help. That’s what the agent was referring to.

Don’t worry, though - I can see we’ve initiated a fix and everything should be working again shortly :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you :grinning: and again thank you for the quick response :+1:t2:

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Hi Curtis apparently the comms reboot did not work when tried even tho its sending gas readings. How long does it take to get a response from the smart team?. its been nearly 5 weeks now with this problem, going through some menus on the electric meter it does say commissioning in progress?

Hi @Gavalar

So the reboot has now been attempted, to discuss this further I’m going to send over an email so we can discuss your account outside a public forum :+1: