IHD has stopped working. Keeps rebooting

IHD has stopped working. It was fine since installation about 6 months ago but recently it has been unable to connect to the meter or wifi, and just keeps rebooting.
Seems to have lost synchronisation.
Has been in this state for 3 days.


Try this artical

Mine is exactly the same and buib are not responding

Well it looks like my IHD has started working again Today. It was faulty for a week, but sprung back into life, I’m guessing following a fix in the smart meter network or some patch download.
It read zigbee version 2.5.0.
I had to reconnect to the wifi, and all data during outage is lost, but apart from that, hopefully back to normal.

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Mine cannot get connected to the internet in time for it to update
The version I have is 1.1

The most annoying thing is. Bulb take you into having these gadgets with no backup service
They cannot even respond

Mine is exactly the samw. Has been working fine for many months but this morning it has been unable to connect to the meter and just keeps rebooting.

Is there any fix or do I just wait?

Hi @chrisheywood Thanks for posting and welcome to Bulb Community.

To fix this we need to request that the smart network carry out a remote reboot of the comms hub on top of the electricity meter. This should allow the IHD to re-establish connection with the comms hub and show usage data again.

The current timeline for these requests is around 3-4 weeks, so please keep the IHD plugged in for now

Hi Chisheyward. It looks like bulb have responded and yes, I’m afraid it’s case of waiting for a reset to fix it. It took a month or so for my ihd to come fully on line.
I will say though that since then, my electric smart readings have totally stopped. Gas readings are fine but I’ve not had any smart reads for electricity for 7 Months. I’m told by bulb it’s a “software error” and will be repaired eventually, but not by whom, and not when.
Wonder if any other of my fellow smart meter comrades have the same problem?

[quote=“Wingfir, post:9, topic:76850”]
Wonder if any other of my fellow smart meter comrades have the same problem?
Browse the forum and you will see quite a few

Mine also kept rebooting. I reported it to Bulb on Twitter and this was their response image|690x348. It took just over a week and now everything seems to be OK. This seems to be an industry wide issue not just Bulb.

Mine is the same and also keeps rebooting. At first I thought it would help if I disconnected it from my wireless network and then reconnected - however it reboots so quickly I don’t have time to put the wifi password in. I’ve tried running the battery down and plugging back in and that didn’t help.

Hi @glib_jase

Welcome to the Bulb community! Glad to have you onboard :ship:

So what you’re describing is a symptom of your IHD losing connection to the Home Area Network (HAN) at your property. The IHD is constantly restarting searching for the HAN. This can be fixed by rebooting your communications hub, the little box that sits on top of your electric meter, at which point when the IHD next reboots it should find the HAN again.

I’m going to request this now, but the reboots are done by the DCC (who run the shared smart network). As they have a large backlog of requests, it will take 2-3 weeks for the reboot to be actioned. Thanks for your patience with this.