IHD help to get to show usage

So I finally tried again to get my IHD to connect to my internet after putting it in a draw for nearly 2 years! It has now connected to my internet and I know you can get my readings but it is still showing the dreading “waiting” on all screen options. I really want it to show my usage now it’s connected so what can you do to help me?
I’ve also realised it has never updated and software version is

Hi @pinkrat70

I’m glad to hear you’re getting somewhere with the IHD after 2 years!

So there might be a couple of reasons that ‘waiting…’ screen might’ve appeared. Could you confirm if the time displayed is correct?

If it is then running this fix here should sort out the issue.

If the time displayed is wrong I’ll drop you an email and we can get this sorted there :ok_hand:

Thanks for your response, yes it is showing the correct time. Just saw your email and am trying the fix.

So I went to the fix and it has made no difference, it’s still waiting

Hi @pinkrat70 :wave:

I’ve just raised this with our smart team who have asked if you could try the Bulb account fix another 2 times over the course of a couple of days. Whilst you’re doing this please make sure the IHD is within 5 metres of the electricity meter. Then could you also make sure it’s connected to the wifi.

If that still hasn’t resolved the issue then please let me know and I’ll report it back to the smart team so we can see what the next steps are :slightly_smiling_face:

– Meg :bulb:

Yay, it works! Thanks for sorting it finally :blush:


Ah brilliant @pinkrat70 - that’s greats news! :raised_hands:

– Meg :bulb: