IHD is not working

IHD has not worked for months ~ tried turning it of and on , repositioning it closer to the meter all to no avail. IHD was why i got a SMART meter fitted so feel frustrated. Can you help please BULB?

Hi @TonyHarrington,

Thanks for the post - welcome to Community!

I can see your IHD is struggling to connect to the Home Area Network, which means the signal isn’t very strong as its struggling to connect. Is your IHD within 5 meters of your electricity meter and not blocked off by any thick walls etc?


Yes I have done all of those things and it is still not working. So at the moment no further forward. What do you suggest we do next Georgie?

Hi @TonyHarrington :wave: :sun_with_face:

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with your IHD.

Please could you follow the link below to fill in the details of the issue?


Once you’ve sent that in we’ll try and fix your IHD overnight, so it should start working in 24 hours. If it’s still not working in 48 hours then get back in touch.