IHD is restarting itself every few minutes

About 4 days ago my IHD seems to have got itself in a restart loop. It seems to have lost most of its settings e.g. it doesn’t know what time it is, and it hasn’t received any meter readings for all of those 4 days. Every 2 minutes or so it switches itself off and restarts.

Restarting it manually has had no effect. I leave it plugged in most of the time so it’s not that. Letting it run out of battery and then regarding it hasn’t helped. Putting it closer to the meter didn’t help.

I have just swapped to Bulb’s new EV tariff so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

Hello @dahaswell,

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Thanks for letting us know about your IHD. From what you’ve described, it sounds like we need to reboot this from our end. The connection between your smart meters and ourselves is still active, which is great, so I’ve requested the reboot which should restart the IHD in the next 48 hours. If it doesn’t show any improvement, let me know in the reply, and we’ll take another look.


Hi Freya,

I’m afraid what you did hasn’t worked. I think because the device is stuck in a reboot loop of it’s own it might not be getting time to pick up any instructions sent to it. Can you have another look?


@dahaswell hey David- the reset loop you mentioned, do you mean its constantly restarting itself?

Hi Holly,

Yes, exactly. It’s roughly every 2 minutes. Once it starts it sits and tries to find a signal but before it can do anything it restarts itself again.


@dahaswell Okay this sounds like it might be struggling to connect to the home area network. I’ve requested a comms hub reboot is run for you to try and fix this. This usually takes 2-3 weeks so bear with us, but once we have a result on that we can go from there!

@holly_at_bulb OK. I’ll watch out for any changes over the next few weeks and get back to you if it doesn’t work.

Ours has just done the same thing overnight. I’ll put in a separate message and get a reboot

@Matt587 Have you also just changed over to the EV tariff by any chance?

Hi. Still no change I’m afraid.

Hi @dahaswell

Sorry to hear that- it’s still constantly restarting?
It doesn’t look like we’ve had an outcome from the reboot yet- have you tried a hard reset at all as well?

I had the same problem, I left the IHD for a week with no battery power and it stopped rebooting but now I only have gas readings showing.

I contacted bulb well over a year ago and they said it was a problem with something on their end but it never gets fixed.
It’s really annyoing and I’ll probably just move supplier soon and see if someone else can fix it.

Yeah, it’s still the same. I haven’t tried a hard reboot since I left my first post but I did a few times before while trying to solve the problem myself. I’ll try again now though…

Just did a hard reboot myself - no change.

@dahaswell - Agh sorry to hear that, it is frustrating. I double checked the reboot outcome and it seems we haven’t had a response from the DCC- these can take 6 weeks so it may happen in the next couple of weeks :crossed_fingers: I think this reboot will be the best fix as it is most likely due to the comms hub connection issue I mentioned

@russwragg - We haven’t had smart elec readings come from your meter in a while which will be why the IHD isn’t showing the elec use. If the meter isn’t connecting through to us, it won’t connect to the IHD. This is the same issue @dahaswell has- its the comms hub connection.

We did request a reboot for you in Oct '20 for this and it came back as successful but looks like there are still some issues. I’ve requested another reboot for you too to try and get those smart readings coming over to us again :blush:

Hi. It’s been 6 weeks now and it still isn’t working. Is there anything else we can do?

Hey @dahaswell we still haven’t had an outcome from the DCC yet :pensive: Sorry about the wait here!

Hi Holly,. How much longer do you think we should give it?

Hi @dahaswell

Given it’s already been six weeks we should have an outcome in the next week or two.

If nothing had changed in that time just let someone in the team know and we’ll make sure it gets looked into for you :eyes:


Hi CJ. Still no change here. Should we give it one more week?