IHD issues, not working

Our IHD has stopped working for the past couple of months. I’ve gone through the procedure as suggested in the Bulb helpline ( draining battery etc) and have informed Bulb a couple of times. The unit keeps flashing but gives no readings. How can I resolve this?

IHD6- CAD- PPMID 1.6 CAD 1.9

Regards, Gary

Hi Gary, welcome to community, do be aware that this is a customer forum!

Have you tried the software reset for the IHD?
If you have tried that, and the IHD is still not working, your comms hub may need a reset, and you will need to contact bulb to request this.

Best of luck, Izzy.

Hi @GaryJ1

Sorry to hear your IHD isn’t working. I’ve just dropped you an email so I can get a bit more information from you and hopefully get your IHD working :slightly_smiling_face: