IHD Keeps changing to Welsh

My In Home display keeps changing to Welsh. Three times in the past week. It is tedious and very annoying as I cannot understand Welsh, nor do I want to. I have to look it up every time to change back. Is it a system issue or my IHD? Whatever, fix it quickly please.

At least yours works.

Hi @MikeOfWimborne,

Here are some instructions on how to switch your IHD back to English.

I’d also recommending connecting your IHD to WiFi, so that you don’t miss out on future firmware updates.

What about units that can’t connect?

Mine has been unable to connect for 15 days. It’s WiFi is connected and just turns itself of and back on again every 60 or so seconds.

Is there a fix for that?

I know how to switch it back to English. I said that in my post! It is connected to WiFi. How are you going to FIX the ISSUE? I don’t want Welsh

What a weird bug. It has never happened to us. I wonder if the IHD is trying to determine your location and incorrectly working out you are in Wales! Did your IHD get upgraded to firmware 2.5 yet? It seems to fix a lot of the problems with the initial firmware.

Hi @MikeOfWimborne,

This bug was fixed in a patch that was released via WiFi - hence why I wanted to check if you were connected.

Would you be able to check which firmware version you are running? It should show somewhere in the settings.

I seem to have version 2.5.0. I have not had an issue in the past two weeks with the Welsh language

@MikeOfWimborne, that’s good to hear - let me know if it happens again and we’ll investigate further.