IHD Missing Electricity Readings

Boys & Girls @ Bulb.

Yes i know this is the same as other people, wanted to reach out to someone in Bulb but don’t see a way of doing it. Rather than jump onto someone else’s post here we go.

Smart Meters Gas & Electricity installed Mon 26th. Electricity appeared for a few hours, then disappeared.

IHD connected to Wifi
Signal to Meter according to IHD - 3 bars.
Gas meter piggy backs off Electric Meter for IHD connection, so no connectivity issues.

IHD refuses point blank to display any Electricity Info. In the Meters section it doesn’t even acknowledge i have electricity on my account. Waiting for CIN apparently also.

Tad disappointed here Bulb. From what i am experiencing, and what i read on here, this roll out is pretty poor. You kept pestering me to install a smart meter. After three cancellations due to Covid, it got installed. Not very smart though are they?

Can you advise how i get electricity on my IHD?

Have rebooted the IHD multiple times
Have let battery run down overnight and rebooted from fresh charge
I have done the “Getting your In-Home Display to show your usage” process on the bulb account page twice now.

Gas on IHD working fine - though readings are on the higher side which i’m monitoring carefully. Electricity - Nada, not a thing.

Lastly can you confirm if electricity readings and gas readings are being uploaded to my account?

Can you advise please.

Many thanks in advance.


I have exactly the same issue. Everything go was working fine since installation of smart meters and IHD in August last year.

In October, the IHD went berserk, repeatedly rebooting. No electricity readings since. Bulb Customer Service carried out a hub reset which didn’t work. No pro-active follow-up since.

My electricity reading for October is showing as ‘estimated’. I have no history in the Samsung SmartThings Bulb app.

Not sure what else I can do.

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Hi Bulb. Can you advise please?

Are you receiving my readings? Is it just my IHD that is gubbed?

Hi @CA76, thanks for getting in touch.

I’ve had a look at your account and I can see that all the details are correct for your meter exchange, so I can see that we are getting these readings through. Have you applied the Bulb account fix, since you set the meter reading interval to half-hourly? I can see that that set on the system a few days ago, so this could trigger a change. Even if you have done it since then, it’s always worth another go.

Failing that, if you’re not getting any luck in 48 hours’ time, hit me back on here and I’ll raise it with our Smart team to see if they can shed any more light on it for you :+1:

Hi @UPDATE_NAME, I’ve also had a look at your account, and I have requested a comms hub reboot for your meter, as I can see that we’re not receiving smart meter readings through at the moment. This can take about 3 weeks, based on your area, to happen and then we should be getting these through again. If you’ve not seeing any difference in your IHD or smart meter readings on your account by this time, please don’t hesitate to get back in touch :+1:

Lou :stars:


Thanks @Lou_at_Bulb

Glad you’re getting readings. That’s something i suppose…

Have done the Bulb Account Fix twice, but will try it again, 3rd time lucky :slight_smile:

Thanks for coming back to us.


Here were are 6 days later… Can confirm still no electricity readings on IHD

Gas - fine. Electricity - still nothing on IHD.

On the IHD, if i go into menu, then Meter Info

I see gas meter reading - Currently 65.762 m3
press right arrow. I see MPRN ending 901
press right arrrow, i see supply status = on

And that’s it. No electricity meter info.

If i go into menu again on IHD, then Account:

I see bill so far this period (gas only)
Press right arrow, i see the Gas Tariff per kWh
Press right arrow again, i see the Gas daily standing charge
Press right arrow again, it says Waiting for (CIN)
Press right arrow again, it says account type = credit
And that’s it…

Again, nothing about electricity what so ever.

It’s as if my IHD is programmed for Gas only.

Just to confirm - Software version of IHD is IHD6-CAD-PPMID-2.0.2 CAD 2.2.4

Can you raise this with the smart team please? Checked bulb account online and i see reading for electricity and gas up until yesterday. so all ok on meter front and must be an issue with IHD config?



Could you get back to me please, and advise? Or alternatively contact me off-forum.



I know you’ve deserted me mate.

But just in case you pick this up, Electricity and Gas are now showing on IHD. So all sorted.

Hello @Lou_at_Bulb ,

It’s now been just over 3 weeks since you requested the comms hub reboot. I am still not seeing electricity usage on my IHD. I have also tried the ‘restarting your connection’ account fix several times.

Could you please assist? Thanks.

Hi @CA76 I’m sorry that we missed your comments on this, so we’ve breathed a collective sigh of relief that this has all been sorted for you. Apologies again that we didn’t get back to your follow up queries on this.

@UPDATE_NAME The smart network reported back to us that the comms hub was successfully rebooted, however we’re still receiving the same error as before. As we’ve only just had the results back, we’ll wait a few more days to see if anything updates on your account.


Still no electricity readings.

Is it possible for Bulb to engage a pro-active support model? Normally these days companies support their customers by raising a support ticket which has SLAs and a defined response and timeline. This informal community-based support means that I have to keep raising a diary entry to chase Bulb when inevitably, nothing is fixed.

Thanks for your assistance.

I have the same situation as CA76. Had no electricity on IHD since September. Still waiting for full reset…have I been forgotten?

@Robdob You won’t get any help from Bulb. They’re completely useless at support. I’ve been waiting from months with the same issue. They’ve done a hub reset and it made no difference. They never pro-actively follow up.

@Matthew_W_at_Bulb Since I’m now getting estimated readings for my electricity for several months I will be cancelling my direct debit. I bet you start to do something when my account goes into arrears.

I’m also looking for an alternative energy supplier because, quite frankly, your non-existent customer support is complete SHIT and I’ve had enough. I’m off to Trustpilot to write a negative review.



Since I wrote my negative review on Trustpilot, @GeorgieS_at_Bulb got in touch to say that something would be done to sort out the problem. I filled in the contact form as requested with my 'phone number so that Bulb could get in touch.

Bulb’s non-existent customer service continues - no one has contacted me and I now have 3 months of estimated electricity bills. So much for “smart” infrastructure.

I have now cancelled my direct debit. You won’t get a penny out of me until this charade is brought to a successful conclusion.