IHD needs start up code

Hi been with bulb for a couple of months, came from British Gas, and have a smart meter and IHD installed by them. Meter seems to be working ok but IHD has shut down and says it needs the engineers set up code to work, how can i get this code? my meters are in the bottom of a cupboard on floor level so getting readings is difficult and when IHD was working we could use it for readings even if it didn’t connect to Bulb.
Any help to restart it or replace IHD would be appreciated .

too late my wife decided as it was broken and not working she has binned it, we now have no IHD can you please replace it with one that works?

If that meter was installed by British gas, you might not be able to get a new IHD from bulb now. Bulb is only able to replace IHDs that looked like this (https://bulb.co.uk/guides/home-energy/how-to-use-in-home-display/) or the black “IHD 3” one in this (https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360023100852-Connecting-your-smart-meter-s-In-Home-Display-IHD-to-Wi-Fi)

neither of them so we need a new IHD asap but how do we get one ???