IHD never worked since install last August!

My IHD hasn’t worked since it was installed last August. I’ve done all the checks that Bulb advised - many times!! Their last email to me back then was to tell me they were working hard to ‘get these issues resolved’ and thanked me for my patience. I asked if they could keep me updated, but heard nothing further.
Since then I learned that the old generation of IHDs were being replaced.
So now, after months of being without a working IHD, I emailed Bulb again to enquire when they were going to “resolve my problem” - presumably with a new generation IHD. This was nearly two weeks ago, and I have yet to receive a reply.
After waiting six months for my problem to be resolved, I think I have been more than patient! …Will I ever receive a new IHD?
Very disappointed with Bulb Energy as I do need a working IHD, and I’m now considering whether I should change suppliers.

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