IHD no longer working after power cut

We had a short power cut last week and since then the Chameleon IHD won’t connect to the smart meter. The display switches itself off after every minute or so, it’s connected to the wi-fi but displays no data, not even the time. We’ve followed the instructions for reconnecting it to the meter, we’ve switched it on and off, fully discharged the battery, and tried rebooting via the Bulb website and waiting for 48 hours. Nothing has worked.

Hi @Capt_Haddock :wave:

Welcome to Bulb community! Sorry to hear your IHD isn’t connecting and thank you for trying these steps already. Was it the Bulb Account fix you tried using these instructions?

I have requested for your comms hub to be remotely rebooted, which usually helps re-establish the connection. The reboot should be complete within 2-3 weeks.

Your smart meters and IHD should go back to normal after the reboot completes. If you don’t see any improvement after this time, please let us know :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, those were the instructions we tried.

Thanks for letting us know @Capt_Haddock, the Comms Hub reboot should help reset the IHD. If nothing changes in a couple of weeks would you let us know and we can try another reset? If it was working before the power cut we should be able to get it to work after as well! :zap:

I had a power cut back in November 2019, my electric meter is still not working. There is no hope of bulb getting this fixed, you are wasting your time trying to get bulb to do anything!

Hey @johnston.philip

Thanks for the message here, I believe I have also commented on your community thread here I will be getting back to you today on the current smart meter situation :bulb:

We will work to get this fixed for you.


It’s been over two weeks and the IHD is still not working. It just sits there, switching itself off every 70 seconds or so (despite being plugged inmto the mains), and when it’s on it shows no relevant data, and says it is ‘waiting for meter reading’. It’s clearly not connecting to the meter, and the fact that it won’t stay on for more than a minute makes me think that the unit itself is faulty. Perhaps the power cut affected it.
Nor do I have any faith that anyone at your end is doing anything about this. I suppose it doesn’t matter; we’ve existed without a display for decades, and can do so again. But how do I know that our meter is working?

Hey @Capt_Haddock

Ah sorry it hasn’t improved! I have resubmitted the comms hub reboot for you again to try and resolve it. We are working on it, these requests are sent to the DCC so we have to wait for the third party to get back to us so it can take some time.

If you want to check the meter itself you can always take a manual reading from the physical meter itself, we are still receiving Smart Meter Reads as well and these will be listed as ‘Reads’ on your bill so you know its working :relaxed:

It turns out that you AREN’T receiving Smart Meter Reads after all, as the bill we received today is ‘estimated’. I’ve now registered a complaint with a colleague of yours on ‘chat’, who incidentally told me that the first re-boot was never actioned by the Bulb team. I’m now posting this on the Bulb community board so others can read it. In short, our Bulb smart meter and IHD stopped working less than two months after installation, after a brief power cut in mid-March, and we are still waiting for things to be fixed. Very, very disappointed with a company which up until now we have been recommending to friends.

I’m beginning to think that you are right!

Hi @Capt_Haddock

There was an error with the first request, but shortly after another reboot request was raised. We are still waiting for the results from the DCC (smart network operator). This reboot should help to reestablish the connection, so we can receive readings again and sort the IHD issues.


It is now 11 weeks since I first contacted Bulb via this message board. My last two bills have been estimated because my ‘smart’ meter has stopped communicating with Bulb, and my IHD is still switching itself on and off every 70 seconds (it is fully charged). I have received numerous optimistic emails and messages from Bulb employees, always promising that within two weeks the smart network operator will reboot the communciations hub and everything will be up and running again. But this has not happened, and I am now assuming that it never will.

If my smart meter is now permanently dumb, then I would like Bulb to revert to its previous practice of sending me a reminder email three days before billing, so I can read the meter and submit a reading. Is this possible?

@Capt_Haddock I checked the outcome sheet from the reboot we requested for you but we still have no result back from the DCC- they run these reboots so we need to know the outcome from them. My colleague has asked our team why there’s a delay on this and will be able to get back to you by email when they’ve found out!

If the comms hub reboot fails or the outcome is that it hasn’t worked, we’d need manual readings sent in so these comms about sending a meter reading should resume :blush:

I haven’t heard from you for another fortnight and I have just received another estimated bill from Bulb. In my last communication I asked for Bulb to resume its practice of asking me to submit meter readings, as it is clearly unable to fix my smart meter. Can you ensure that I do not receive another estimated bill? Please?

Hi @Capt_Haddock :wave:

Sorry, we still haven’t received the results from this just yet. I can see you’ve submitted a reading today, so we’ll use that for your next statement.

Cara :bulb:

No, don’t use this reading for the next statement! As that will be in four weeks time you will again have to estimate it.

Instead, remind me three days before the bill is due, to submit a reading. I DON’T WANT TO RECEIVE ANOTHER ESTIMATED BILL.

I am getting fed up with the dreadful customer service I am receiving from Bulb.

a) I didn’t ask for a smart meter. But Bulb insisted that I have one;
b) The smart meter stopped working only a few weeks after installation, and Bulb seems incapable of getting its contractor to fix it;
c) for three months I have been getting pathetic excuses about reboots failing as if these are somehow meant to reassure me;
d) and in the meantime Bulb keeps sending me estimated bills, despite my complaints.

I certainly won’t recommend Bulb to anyone else.

Please reply guaranteeing that I won’t be receiving any more estimated bills.

@Capt_Haddock - We recommend submitting meter readings 1-2 days before your billing date- so as @cara_at_bulb mentioned, we will take this one into account but we’ll need another one from you closer to the bill date to make sure we don’t estimate. As we’re not getting the automatic readings, we do need you to submit them manually at the moment to avoid estimates in between.

We can’t force members to have smart meters, but we do encourage them along with other suppliers as the smart rollout continues for everyone. The issue with this meter as we mentioned before pertains to the smart network- this is run by the DCC. As it is reliant on a third party, we have to wait for them to run the reboot or work out the errors before it will be fixable.

We do understand its frustrating to have to submit manual ones due to this problem, and we have raised yours with the DCC but haven’t got a response back from them yet. Working out these connectivity issues is a priority for the industry, but a timeline isn’t set yet- fingers crossed it should be soon :crossed_fingers: