IHD not connecting to account

Just had my “smart” meter connected etc( on 2nd Aug), no issues there but the IHD is not is NOT connecting to my account I have tried to link via the menu pages and just says waiting, not good enough really as the “smart” meter is giving me false info, as the setting for my gas/electric are NOT what thew cost is showing on the IHD, any one in BULB taking responsibility

It is perhaps worth you reading a couple of articles on the Blog and maybe a couple of community postings - about 25% of smart meters installed are not effective, means readings don’t arrive at Bulb. Similarly, there are issues with some but not all IHD’s, some people get a fix using the recommendations from Bulb, others like myself have an IHD which does not work and for which Bulb offer no current fix. This has been the case for me since May 15th.

I checked other providers and there are issues almost with all providers, it’s a tech issue, typical government big idea launched too quickly and with too high expectations for the consumer.

The customer service journey with Bulb can be challenging not least because of their narrow service window (Monday to Friday 9 to 6), communication is sometimes great, sometimes lacklustre but if you are OK with the charges and can submit your readings if your meter does not communicate with Bulb as it should, it might be worth holding on a bit longer. You can log a complaint with Bulb, if it is not resolved within 8 weeks, they write and tell you about option of complaining to the Ombudsman, to me that looks like a lot of faffing around with potentially only a knuckle rap for Bulb not necessarily a solution for me.

Just trying to manage expectations, is all, you maybe lucky and the magic wand could work.

thank you for info, albeit apparently i have mark 2 meters?? so was hoping it would work