IHD Not Displaying Gas usage

Smart meters fitted 4 days ago. The IHD has shown electricity usage from the start however the Siemens engineer said the gas would take a day or two to register. Four days later still no gas readings. Tried rebooting, even sat the display next to the gas meter, still no reading.
Looking at Toshiba SKU1 cellular box adjacent to the electric meter the gas LED dose not flash whereas the electricity one does. Is their an issue with the gas meter pairing? I have submitted the online form for a reboot to be carried out. Hopefully Bulb can come up with a fix.

I’m still not seeing gas readings 20 days after installation!

Hi @Kev64 ,

Thanks for your email and sorry to hear that the In-Home Display isn’t showing all the usage data yet.

One thing you can try doing is draining the IHD of power


Restart your IHD using the power button on the back
Plug the IHD in within 5 metres of your electricity meter
Leave the IHD plugged in so it has power

Bulb will send some commands to your In-Home Display in the next 48 hours which should trigger your usage to appear.

Please let us know that your IHD is ready to receive these commands by reporting this in your Bulb account using this link - https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/smart/ihd-issues

If your IHD isn’t showing usage within 48 hours of reporting it, feel free to get back to me and we can investigate further.