IHD not pairing with electric

I have a British Gas IHD which came online with Bulb a while ago. I live in an area that has regular power cuts (not sure why) & since the last power cut the IHD has linked to the gas meter but refuses to pair up with the electric meter. It does show when I’m using something of high electrical use e.g. the kettle, washing machine etc. but doesn’t show daily, weekly or monthly usages. It does go up for no reason on the dial quite unexpectedly when nothing extra is being used. I turned everything off the other day & the meter didn’t change at all still showed I was using about 8 bars.
The gas shows daily usage but not how much I’m using per hour.
I’m disabled & live on a very tight budget & rely on this to keep me informed of any drastic changes to my bills.
I’ve tried everything to fire it up - turning it off & on again, putting it next to the actual electricity meter, moving it next to the router, resetting it - all to no avail.
Please help!!!

Hi @tomkatz :wave: thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the community :partying_face:

Please could you run the fix at this link, ensuring your IHD is plugged in and within 5m of your electricity meter?


If the usage data still isn’t showing within 48 hours, please reset the device.


Jenny :star: