Ihd not receiving data

I had a smart meterfitted more than 48 hours ago. So far my In-Home Display unit shows “no data available” most of the time. It very occasionally picks up data and then disappears again. The smart meter is on the outside of the house, on a thick stone wall and remote from the living area. If squeeze the Ihd into a corner of the garage I can just about get within 5 metres of the smart meter. Is there anything that can be done to boost the signal so that I can position the Ihd inside the house where I can read it more comfortably?

The problem is unlikely to be distance from the meter. There’s ongoing problems with getting the IHDs to work at all, take a look at many other threads on here for info. That’s not to say that the distance and wall thickness isn’t the problem in your case, but it’s most likely to be software problems as with all the others. A proper fix is currently 6-12 months away.