IHD not receiving signal

IHD supplied 4 days ago .1.5m from electric meter. no update - not even time. no signal strength shown on top l/h corner

Any suggestions

I have an Npower Duet II smart meter and the last week it appears to have done the exactly same as yours. I am now unable to give smart readings to Bulb! Any help from anybody would be a great help

I had the same problem so bulb asked DCC, the company that runs the smart meter network to reboot the coms unit on my smart meter.
It took DCC about 5 days to do this and it worked.

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You are lucky you have a Home Display. How did you get it?

I have had an idh for nearly a year waste of time never worked

With ref to the IHD which does not work and the indication from Bulb that the meters cannot send in readings due to poor cellphone comms, I am going to pursue this if at all possible.
I don’t see that the signal to the IHD and the phone call to central recording are connected.
Also I had a gen 1 unit from British gas and their IHD and meter reporting worked fine

I think you’re right that there isn’t a direct link between the IHD showing data and Bulb receiving your smart meter readings.

With your IHD - if it is not showing the signal and not even updating the time then that would suggest that it isn’t properly connected to your smart meter comms hub. The only resolution I know of is for Bulb to ask the DCC to reconnect the two - this can be done remotely but may take some time as per a previous poster.

For readings to Bulb then if there isn’t a suitable GSM signal at the property then there may be nothing anyone can do until changes are made to the way smart meters communicate with the energy providers - it’s coming but it won’t be quick

Had a Duet 11, IHD, for a few years with no problem. Last week it stopped giving useage details. Tried new batteries at the sensor box but still not working. Just want to make sure the sensor is attached to the correct smart meter cable. Connected to live at the moment, is that the correct one.