IHD not showing any data…

Hi, I had my smart meter installed around 2 1/2 years ago, the IHD that was supplied has never shown data for usage despite bulb resetting times many and me rebooting the display. I’d given up on it but I’m due to get an electric car shortly so would be nice to see what’s being used etc. Is there any hope for getting this working or is it a lost cause? IHD was supplied by bulb and the meters are the newer (SMET2??) ones.

Many thanks

Hi @Mick :wave:

Sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had with your smart meter IHD.

Usually, to fix these issues, we try rebooting and remotely connecting to your IHD in order to get it connected up to your meters. If this doesn’t work, the problem is most likely due to a firmware issue that will be fixed with a future update sent through to your IHD.

As it’s been a long time since your smart meters were installed, the IHD really should be working by now. Can I just confirm if the time shown on the device is correct? This can help us narrow down the stage the IHD is stuck on.

-Luke :bulb:

Thanks Luke. It’s been reset both by myself and by bulb more times than I care to mention, I gave up with it around a year ago. (Still plugged in). It’s now showing the correct time and the Wi-Fi symbol but simply says ‘waiting for current data’. Interestingly though, if I scroll back it does appear to have usage data for previous days, just nothing live. Also, this only applies to gas, it doesn’t appear to recognise that I have an electric meter too. No lightening bolt, just the gas flame. From thinking back, I’m pretty sure it has never shown any data for electric despite the meter being within a few feet of the monitor.
Would it be worthwhile me buying an alternative IHD from eBay??
Thanks Mick.