IHD not showing any usage

Hi. Had my Smart Meters installed on the 29th September, but my IHD has never shown anything but the same amount of electricity and gas used (I suspect that they are demo values because it also shows usage going back over the last year).
I tried using the inline help and visited the following page a couple of weeks ago, but there’s been no change.
Looking at the front of the IHD it doesn’t appear to have any signal bats which show connection to the electricity smart meter (my IHD currently sits in the same cupboard as the electricity smart meter).
Looks to me like it’s not paired??

What are the steps to resolve please.
Thanks, Simon

Go online here:- https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/sections/360007165891-Smart-meters,and there is more information,on the underside make a note of the GUID printed there,go online to the online chat here:-https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us and click on the bulb bot and start chatting to a human agent,they will take your GUID and enrol it with the DCC,sometimes two hours sometimes four weeks,after that go into settings and set up your Wi-Fi,download the bulb smartthings app,and then “Pair to your account” in the display settings,which uses the FOUR word passwords that appear on the display,AFTER you have got the app running OK on your phone,PS has anyone got anything GOOD to say about the DCC? I am just a customer with IHD bother myself,let us know how you get on

Hi @simonfr77, looking at my system, it doesn’t appear that your IHD is commissioned. We can do this remotely, so I’m going to send you an email about this shortly, so that we can get this done for you :+1:

Thanks very much @Lou_at_Bulb. I’ve not had an email through yet.

Hi @Lou_at_Bulb. I had an email from you looking to agree a date/time to fix this issue, I replied, but have had nothing through for over 2 days. I followed up by email, but again, no response. I’ve had an email through to ask me how satisfied I am with the support I received. That would normally only be sent out once a case had been closed, but mine should still be open. At the moment I’m very dissatisfied but will hold off replying to the survey for now.
Can you or a colleague please follow up to confirm date/time the reconfiguration of the IHD can take place.
Thank you.

Hey @simonfr77, I’m really sorry we haven’t got to your email. I’ve booked you a slot now and sent you an email to confirm the details!

So just as a follow up for anyone else interested in the process, Bulb arranged a one hour slot where I needed to reset the device manually by myself following a short and simple process. Within a few hours I was getting electricity readings through, and within a week or so has readings also started coming through.

Thanks Bulb for the support.