IHD not showing Electric meter

Spoke to someone via chat at beginning of week who said it would be rebooted and if not working by Friday, contact again.

Just spoken to someone on Chat who basically said there is nothing they can do if the reboot hasnt worked!

Not the best Customer service. As soon as i can switch to another provider i will be doing

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The IHD is a waste of time, it hasnt worked from day 1. When the engineer fitted it he made some excuse about ‘syncing time’ and left quickly - Presume they get this all the time.
All bulb will do is send a reboot which does nothing. Mine has been rebooted 10x and still same issue (6 months in)

I would advise selling the unit on Ebay - its useless.

I have rebooted and informed them but nothing is ever done. Since the administration have taken over the running of the company the customer support has deteriorated.
Stuart & Jacqui

Youre absolutely correct, it appears theyve all given up and cant be bothered helping their customers at all.