Ihd not showing electrical usage

My ihd has been working fine for over a year but for the last 8 days it has stopped showing usage. What can i do ???

BULB!!! Any response, please ???

Hi @Chuggy :wave:

I am sorry to hear your In-home display has stopped working. Could you please try filling in this form via your Bulb account?

We will try and fix your IHD overnight so it should start working within 24 hours. Make sure you keep your IHD turned on, and within 5 meters of your electricity meter. Turn it off and on again in the morning if nothing has changed on the display.

If it doesn’t work, please try following the steps in your Bulb account again on a different date, as the fix can sometimes work on the second try. If it still hasn’t worked, just let us know by replying to this email.

– KT :bulb:

Thanks Katie. Wheres the form you want me to fill in.?? IHD is switched on and well within 5m of the meter. Theres just a message saying “waiting for current data” internet signal is strong with no issues.