IHD not showing electricity

My Smart Meters were installed a month ago but my In Home Display Unit is only showing reading for Gas (£)… no kwH or Electricity readings, despite trying all the re-set instructions (move it close to the meter / turn it off and back on / wait 48 hours)
I used the chat to get in touch with you guys and I was told to wait, and wait… any update?

You may need to get used to this situation. Mine’s been fitted a year and there’s been one or both readings missing a number of times. Each time you have to go through reset procedure over and over again waiting 48 hours then contacting them back again. They then may have to do a full meter reset which takes weeks to do as it’s done by another company. My IHD is currently showing only gas, ‘here we go again’!

Hi @maryam80

If we can look into your account we can advise on the situation.

I am going to send you a private message asking you for your details and then I can look into this for you.


I had smart meters fitted when I switched to Bulb. Everything worked for months until my IHD stopped displaying electricity readings. Gas still fine. The IHD went mental for a few days, repeatedly rebooting. Contacted Bulb and a hub reset was done, whatever that is.

Have gone to the IHD ‘checking your IHD display and restarting connection’ page several times with no resolution.

SmartThings Energy Control app still cannot display readings. Reading on bill shown as an estimate.

Does anyone know of an energy supplier that has infrastructure that actually works?


I had a smart meter since September only for gas (electricity still not working - why??). For February bill, Bulb has used an estimate for my gas!! Why? Then I checked the history on my IHD and there was no data! Although I can confirm it has been working fine. Also, There was a funny bill in January with loads of corrections… I feel there has been a mistake. I would like someone to help please.


Hi @maryam80,

I’ve merged your comment into your old thread to ensure everything is in the same place.

During your smart meter installation, we can see that the engineer had some trouble connecting your gas and electricity meter to the smart network. This process is called commissioning.

There are various, complex errors that could have occurred during the commissioning process, and we’re investigating why these may happen and finding a fix.

You may need to continue to submit manual readings for the time being, until we can run a manual fix to get this resolved. I’m really sorry there isn’t anything more I can do right now.


ok thanks. I just want to understand: are those errors to do with Bulb or just generic. I am asking cause I will look to change supplier very soon. What’s gonna happen if my smart meter has still not been commissioned and I move away from Bulb?

Sadly I don’t think moving to a different supplier will make the slightest bit of difference. All the SMETS2 meters (these are the ones currently being installed) are installed by the same companies and the network itself is used by all the energy suppliers. If there’s a problem with your installation, then there’s a problem with your installation and that won’t change if you move to a different supplier. It might be a different story if your meter was communicating happily but the supplier was cocking up the billing.

@maryam80 Hi :relaxed:

Sadly it is like @Roymondo mentioned below, this is an issue to do with connecting to the smart network and being able to upload Bulb’s security credentials onto the meter.

We’re working on remotely solving the root cause of this error, and various other ones. Once we have a fix, we can attempt to remotely commission your smart meters again, to resolve the issue from our end, without the need for another engineer revisit.

@holly_at_bulb Ok thanks. I don’t understand why you are not using my smart meter for the gas as it is perfectly working. Why are you giving estimate? Your estimate are so far off as well. My account is showing a big deficit and this is not correct. I am going to submit meters readings now and can someone look to calculate the correct usage please ? Thanks

Hi @maryam80

Hmm your gas meter should still be able to send us readings, I’ve tried to restart it sending them over so bear with for a few days and we can see. In the meantime you can submit manual readings and we’ll be able to bill to those. :relaxed:

Ok thanks @holly_at_bulb
Are you going to send the accurate bill in a few days or will I have to wait next month? Also I don’t receive emails to remind me to submit the readings anymore, can you switch them on again? Not sure why. I’ve never asked to stop them and they are not in the junk folder either. Thanks again

No worries @maryam80 !

I can see you submitted a meter reading on the 6th so I recommend submitting another one, for the electricity at least, if you can at the end of the month (as you’re billed on the 1st) and then we’ll be sure to use accurate reads.

If we’ve ever overestimated we do refund back the difference from the next reading in the next bill so if your read was lower don’t worry about it, we’ll make it right in the next bill :blush:

@holly_at_bulb thanks. I just got an email from yourselves stating that my payments will increase from 89 to 172 pounds?? Also it says I am on debt and the figure is wrong as it’s all based on estimate. I wish to keep my payments as they are please. Can you look into it please? Thx

Hi @maryam80, I’ve sent you an email about this, so we can look into this for you!

Lou :stars:

Hello, I received my final bill as I left Bulb since 04.05
I was charged an estimate of almost £30 for 3 days in May as I gave a reading end of April. I want to challenge it please, I don’t agree with the estimate. Can you look into it please? Thanks :+1:

Hi @maryam80,

Thanks for confirming you have received your final bill :relaxed:

I took a look into your account now and I see see you received an estimated bill as you didn’t submit any opening meter readings to your new supplier. :cry: This wasn’t estimated by us but rather your new supplier’s data collector (a third party agent that validates all incoming and outgoing meter readings).

The change of supplier reading is important as it means we can send you an accurate final bill, but if the closing reading is:

  • more than 250 kWh of difference for electricity
  • more than 125 m3 of difference for gas

Do let us know and we can raise a dispute for you, anything less than this threshold, we wouldn’t be able to dispute the reading.

Hope this all helps @maryam80!

:bulb: Trevor

@Trevor_at_Bulb thanks for your quick answer. I have a smart reader why on earth couldn’t you give me the actual reading for gas? For electricity I did submit the reading to EON. On the bill it says my average daily consumption of gas is 4£ when I am always below £2. So yes challenge it please cause I am not paying that robbery ,:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Trevor_at_Bulb hello??? No reply? I’ve just got an email from bulb asking me to pay my final bill and I won’t until you let me know what’s going on

Thanks :+1:

Hi @maryam80

Sorry looks like we weren’t sure about raising the dispute! I’ve sent you an email as we’ll need to know what the recent readings are in order to look into whether a dispute would be possible as well as get some photos.

If you send me a reply there I’ll get back to you about it.

– H :bulb: