IHD not showing gas usage from another supplier

We have electricity from Bulb and gas from EDF. We’ve had a bulb Smart Meter for electricity for a while, and that has worked fine.

We recently had a smart gas meter installed by EDF. They are seeing gas readings, so it is working correctly.

However, the IHD still only shows Electricity consumption, no gas data at all. I’ve tried restarting it, to no effect.

Does the Bulb IHD actually support a split supplier setup at all?

At the moment Bulb don’t support its own customers with gas readings.

I’ve not had any gas readings on my IHD since the 31st of March. The meter info display is so far out of date so I have to do a manual reading from the meter. The app doesn’t display my daily gas usage either.

Hey @tw99 Thanks for your post and welcome to the community :wave:

We do support gas meters and readings at Bulb but it is likely that due to the split this is why the gas is not showing on the IHD. The IHD connects to the comms hub on the electric meter, the gas should also be connected to this. Due to the split and the fact its new tech its most likely the reason why its not showing.

In this case it may be worth deciding on choosing a supplier for both fuels. just to ensure its all connected. If you do not want to this, please keep the IHD online and there will likely be an update in the future to get this online together.

@Bulberino have you attempted the 48 hour reboot since the 31st March at all?

–Carl :bulb:

Several times. It NEVER works. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for the reply, but honestly it is a bit vague… You’re really saying it might work or it might not, or it might work in future.

Surely Bulb should be able to say definitively whether this configuration is actually supported today ? As, if it’s supposed to work, I’d like someone to look into why it is not.

Welcome to the bulb way of doing things.

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