Ihd not showing new prices

my ihd has not updated to new rates when the cost is raised. have tried everything bulb suggested several times over. it still shows my rate at 13.98 per kwh.
anyone having the same problem?

Hey @Dons1 - welcome to Community :wave:

We can get this updated for you, I just need to get a picture of the IHD showing the wrong tariff. I’ll drop you an email now, and then you can reply to that with the picture. :+1:

Once you’ve done that, I can raise it with our smart team who will be able to get this fixed for you.

All the best,

hi megan. they have been trying to fix this for some time without any result. i have been through a host of things. on/off, it is connected to the internet and lots of others.

Hi @Dons1

I appreciate the frustration entirely, especially if this has been going on for a while now.

I can see we’ve received the photos you sent, so we’ll make sure the case is looked into and get back to you via email shortly :email: