IHD not showing standing charges


Is there an IHD available that includes data display costs with standing charges & VAT applied? If so, please could I get one? Can you also see export data for solar produced? As my old IHD doesn’t show either, unless bulb are over charging on my statements?

Hi @ldevans1978, welcome to the Bulb community :partying_face:

At this time IHD’s only include gas standing charge, not electricity, and without V.A.T I’m afraid.

Unfortunately, your SMETS 1 (first generation smart) IHD may not display the export usage, however, your meter will be able to provide you with an export reading unless you have a separate export meter?


Thanks Dominic, why only the gas standing charge? So I just need to work out electric standing charge and vat and add that cost onto the display price shown? Seems a bit of a waste of time having the IHD. As for solar. We don’t have an export meter, just the reading I submit which I was told was the generated amount, I just wondered how effective the solar panels were as we average only about £1 per month in fit payment or £3 per month in summer.

Hi @ldevans1978

I’m unsure why the IHD only displays gas standing charge, but presume this was decided when they were being manufactured.

Standing charges are daily so you have a guaranteed amount each month that they will cost - the IHDs strength is that is shows your KWH usage.