IHD not working 2 weeks after install

2 weeks after installation, my IHD6 does not show the correct time or any correct readings. One of the meter references suspiciously shows as 0123456789, so I suspect the registration never happened correctly.

I can’t get anyone at Bulb to investigate this, is there any Bulb rep here who can check my account please?

Welcome to the club of failed installs…

Hi @ianmcuk, welcome to Bulb community first and foremost :raised_hands:

I have taken a look at the configuration on your new meters and have made sure that these are all set up to receive smart meter readings.

I can see on your account that your meter reading interval is set to monthly. Would you be able to change your smart meter reading intervals from monthly to half-hourly? This can often fix issues with us being able to receive smart meter readings, because instead of relying on the meter to push us a reading for the billing date, which can have issues, half-hourly reads pulls a reading from the meter each day. Pulling readings is much more reliable.

Thanks Lou!

I had already set it to half hourly, but it doesn’t seem to have taken effect. I have tried this again.

My IHD is still not showing correct readings, neither is Smartthings. My IHD is connected to WiFi.


4 weeks since the install, nothing has changed.

Can anyone at Bulb actually take a look at my setup/account to find out what is wrong? I’m wondering why I bothered with the hassle of getting smart meters installed.


Hi @ianmcuk,

Thanks for your patience. We have just heard back from our smart team about your meters.

Unfortunately, they weren’t commissioned by MDS when they were installed. As MDS was the installer, we don’t have the capacity to remotely commission these at this time. We are looking to bring the commission process with MDS (Utiligroup) in house early next year, so we will be able to get this sorted then.

For now, please could you send manual readings? We will send you an email when we’re able to rectify this issue.

Thanks for replying Georgie.

That is very disappointing - why bother sending people in to people’s homes during a pandemic, when we can’t have family in our homes, if they aren’t going to do their job?

Also - Smart meter still not working suggests you are remotely commissioning MDS installed meters, so there is still no consistency in your fob offs.


I’ve had a reply from bulb today saying after 3 months of my meter not being connected it’s now not possible because the people they work with can’t do it and have security issues, it’s an absolute joke

Hi @ianmcuk & @simon_clayton

The majority of smart installations are successful and the meters are connected to the smart network.

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case and if the installation was done by MDS we can remotely commission these meters right now, but will be able to do so in future.

With regards to the other thread, this wasn’t something that had been clarified with the team when we started the smart installs contract with MDS, which is why there’s some confusion around this.

I’m sorry again for the frustration, your meters should have smart functionality in future, but unfortunately there’s nothing we can do for now.

Just to try and avoid any confusion, I think that’s a typo and should be can’t remotely commission them?

@Matthew_W_at_Bulb your reply should be a minority work and a majority don’t work. You need to open your eyes and read all the complaints on here and social meter from people who have not got fully functional meters.

Hey @Tigermad, the majority of the smart meters do work. We would love to see positive feedback throughout our platforms at all times but unfortunately when things go wrong members are more inclined to post about these experiences. :pensive: We can only apologise that your meters are not yet working and we hope to have them sorted soon.

@renee_n_at_bulb Too late, I’m leaving