IHD not working a week after installation

A week on from my smart meter installation, my IHD still isn’t showing any readings . I haven’t been able to contact bulb for an explanation , never been an operator available .
Seems Bulb are very light on staff .

Hi @drumnagorrach1, welcome to Community! :bulb:

It looks like the issue with your IHD is that there is poor meter (HAN) signal strength. To increase the signal strength, please could you make sure that the IHD is within 5 meters of the electricity meter and the area in between them is free of obstacles, such as thick walls?

I’ve also scheduled an overnight fix for your IHD. Please can you ensure:
Your In-Home Display is 5 metres or less from your electricity meter, and plugged in
You’ve turned your In-Home Display off and on again
Your In-Home Display is now on (you’ll know it’s turned on if the screen is lit up)

Let us know if after a few days you’re still not able to see your usage on your display.

Hi . I initially thought the problem was our 1 metre thick walls so I took the IHD outside to where our meter is located and it did not improve when held by the side of the meter . At present the IHD is 3 metres from the smart meter in the window . I notice that the signal cycles from three bar to one bar in it’s current location .

@drumnagorrach1 thank you for the information. The IHD may have to be left by the meter for a while for the signal to pick up. However, please do make sure you follow the above instructions today and keep an eye on the IHD over the next few days.


Hi . Almost two weeks on from installation and still no readings from the IHD .
How do we resolve this ? Are there engineers available to fix the issue on site.
I have noticed that the signal strength varies from one bar to four bars , the one bar being the default strength , does the meter signal pulse ??? Should I be seeing the signal strength cycle from one to three bars ??? Is the meter transmitter faulty???
I am a retired engineer , if you give me something to work with , maybe I can get it to work .
Lee Halsall
Lee Halsall

Have a look at this website https://www.smartme.co.uk/index.html. It describes how the system works and more importantly allows you to decode the green flashing lights on the transmitter by the electric meter. I think the transmitter uses Zigbee to communicate with the IHD so you may be getting some interference from your (or a neighbour’s) WiFi or something else in your house that also uses Zigbee like Hive. My IHD signal strength varies considerably throughout my house and it took me some time to find the best location. Also have you connected your IHD to your WiFi? Mine updated its firmware using WiFi.

Thanks for that, does your meter signal cycle ?
No neighbours , isolated farm
No hive
Connected to wiFi .
Previously had a IHD on the old Scottish Hydro meter which worked fine in spite of thick granite walls .

The meter signal is reasonably stable at 4 bars. When my meter was installed they fitted an aerial to improve signal as EE coverage here isn’t great, perhaps Scottish Hydro used a different operator. The whole thing seems interlinked which I hadn’t realised. I had assumed the IHD just communicated with the meter, but this seems not to be the case. Initially my IHD kept rebooting, that is now fixed but needed the DCC to do something remotely at their end to the meter. Try installing SmartThings and see what this tells you.

Just a thought it recycles as it’s trying to connect. As soon as it it connects it stabilises. I wonder whether it was properly paired to the meter when it was installed. Not sure you can do this though.

Nothing has changed , still no reading .

Thanks for letting me know @drumnagorrach1.

I’ve reran the fix, as this solved the WAN issue, but now we just need to get the IHD connected to the electric meter. Please can you ensure once again you have today:

Your In-Home Display is 5 metres or less from your electricity meter, and plugged in
You’ve turned your In-Home Display off and on again
Your In-Home Display is now on (you’ll know it’s turned on if the screen is lit up)

And hopefully this will allow the electric meter to connect.

Just turned off for ten seconds and back on . The signal strength varies from three bars for 20 seconds followed by up to two minutes at two bar and occasionally one bar . Is this normal ?

@drumnagorrach1 Sometimes the connection between the IHD and electric meter can drop off. When this happens, the IHD might disconnect for a bit but should normally automatically reconnect once the signal returns.

This can normally be fixed by restarting the IHD and making sure that it is kept close to the electric meter. When the IHD restarts it searches for a signal and should be able to reconnect.

The IHD has not connected in the first place .

Hi @drumnagorrach1

I’m going to send over an email so we can further diagnose and get another solution for you. Keep an eye out, we’ll get these tech gremlins sorted though :japanese_ogre: :crossed_swords:

I urge everyone who has these smart meter issue to go and complain to Ombudmans, if nothing else you will get some compensation. More importantly, it will make Bulb get their finger out and sort these smart meters out - especially when it starts hurting their bottom line!

Please please do it now. Go straight to Ombudman.

Well??? Yet another week and nothing has changed . FFS Bulb , employ enough staff !!!

Since joining bulb , my electricity bill has risen from £35 per month to £65 . I have no idea what the cause is because my IHD HAS NEVER WORKED since installation .
I will be looking at other energy providers , even though bulb’s price per kw/h seems low . Something is not as it should be !!!

Can I add this, from a 2019 Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy document;

'IHDs provide the consumer with near- real time information on actual energy consumption … they are also key to facilitating consumer engagement and ensuring a good consumer experience.

They don’t, they haven’t, it’s a shambles.

Our hasn’t worked since June 2018, full strength connection to WiFi and meter, and, after 6 separate conversations with Bulb about the situation.

It’s now in a dark cupboard with the spiders.

Come on Bulb !

Hey @Daddy0 Thanks for your post on the IHD thread.

I can see you also commented on another similar post to this regarding the monitors. I have just messaged the person dealing with your latest query as we could look at running a system reboot for you which will take 4-6 weeks to fix.