IHD not working and Bulb - continually asked for meter readings!?!

I had a new smart meter and IHD fitted over 3 months ago which has never worked and Bulb keep ignoring my new meter readings.

I’ve clicked the “My IHD isn’t working” link in the account page soooo many times which makes no difference. The house is about 1 mile from the village, so I suspect the mesh network or whatever these meters use cannot find another ‘smart metered’ house close enough to connect through.

I keep getting emails asking for a Meter Reading as apparently I haven’t sent one for over 3 months, despite sending one every time I get an email along with photographs of the reading on the new Meter.

I’ve emailed support, and after waiting over a week I only got a stock-answer reply that solved nothing.

Could you please please PLEASE:
(1) Update my account with the readings I keep sending you and stop sending reminders.
(2) Fix my IHD, or just admit it won’t work where I am, and put me back on manual readings.