IHD not working and no bill since smart meter installation


I am having some major issues with my meters and account since I had smart meters installed back in November.

  1. My IHD does not work and never has - i have spoken multiple times on the phone and via chat and been told different reasons it does not work and different ways to fix it. Nothing has worked yet.

  2. I have not had a bill sent to me since November 18th. I am paying money into my account each month not knowing if it is enough to cover the bills.

Please can I get some advice?



Hi @laura_e90

Welcome to our Community page! :wave:

I have just taken a look into your account now for you and can establish what seems to be the issue here, but not to worry as it can indeed be fixed!

Please respond to my email where I have provided further information, and we’ll be able to take it from there.


Hi Diana,

Thanks for your response. I got an email and replied - just waiting to hear back now. Has the email been received?



Still waiting on a response after sending the photos…still waiting on a bill…still waiting on IHD to work

Is anyone from bulb there?

It has been over two weeks now and bulb still have not resolved this for me. I received an email a fortnight ago when I originally posted, saying they were looking into it and were going to fix it that day or the next. I still have no resolution or communication to update me.

Bulb - can someone please send me a bill and look into the issues with my IHD not displaying any data.