IHD Not working and Readings in App not appearing

Hi There

  1. My IHD no longer works and just continually restarts itself. Not that it makes any real difference as it has never shown the correct readings and despite asking me to reset it a lot of times it never made any difference

  2. The display in the app no longer displays any readings for either Gas or electricity. This has been happening now for a while as well and it is not the first time this has happened. One time it displayed that i had used exactly £1 of gas every day for about 2 weeks !!!

Surprise Surprise this month there was a marked increase in my bill this month that i have no way of confirming

When is this going to be fixed and if it is not soon I will be looking for a new supplier pretty quickly

Hi @BillyD :wave:

I’m sorry you’re having issues with your IHD and it’s been ongoing for so long.

If your IHD is constantly restarting it is usually caused by the IHD losing connection to the Home Area Network (HAN) and requires a communications hub reboot in order to fix this issue. So I’ve requested for your comms hub to be remotely rebooted, which usually helps re-establish the connection. It’ll take about 2-3 weeks if you live in or South of Manchester, but if you’re North of Manchester, it will be about six weeks.

Your smart meters and IHD should go back to normal after the reboot completes. If you don’t see any improvement then please let me know on here and I can escalate it further with our smart team :slightly_smiling_face:

– Meg :bulb:

I am north of Manchester in Scotland. Why the hell is there such a difference in customer service that is an absolute disgrace and i can assure you that if it takes 6 weeks then i will not be a customer by them

Also you never mentioned about the displaying of data on the bulb app why is that not working again


Do we only answer easy question at Bulb

Hi @BillyD

We have two different companies that process the communication hub reboots, and the company that process them up North take a little longer I’m afraid.

Apologies that I didn’t answer your other question. The last smart readings we got were on 21st August, and this is when your usage graph stopped updating in your Bulb account. Once the communications hub reboot has been successful, your Bulb account will then start to display your usage again. I’m sorry for the inconvenience of this.

– Meg :bulb:

I am not sure I understand this, are you not receiving meter readings from my smart meter (ignore the IHD). The readings on the IHD have always been rubbish but are you telling me that my consumption is based on estimates

We had been receiving smart readings up until the 21st August @BillyD.

But as your billing cycle runs from the 26th of each month, we had to use estimates on 26th August because we didn’t get a read from the smart meters. You’ll be able to see the readings we used on your latest bill.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Megan

I have attached a picture of my electric meter but I am not sure what figure I have to input into the app

Can you tell me which it is, The Gas meter is more obvious


(Attachment MeterReadings.docx is missing)

Hi @BillyD

I’m afraid that attachment hasn’t come through on our Community pages.

I’ve dropped you an email now - could you reply with the photos there and I’ll make sure it’s sorted?