IHD not working despite following new instructions.

Basically what the title says. When I first got my new meter it originally displayed the electricity only but after a while went blank.

I’ve waited a long time for bulb to respond to the situation and now there is new instructions I’ve followed them to the tee, I’ve waited over 96 hours and still nothing.

Can anyone suggest anything because this is bordering on ridiculous now.

9 days since i had my ‘smart’ meter installed. I get usage display on it. But it has never registered usage for a whole day. Always seems to go blank at around 7pm. What the heck is going on???

I have the same problem. Installed weeks ago and i bet its worked for a total of about 3 days. I’ve just told Bulb again online through the button in the homepage of my account and they will reconnect it again but i doubt that will make any difference.