IHD not working do i need to do anything

IHD not connected, just has fixed reading on screen, it was only installed 6 days ago, i can see one smart reading on the site and if i look at usage it shows daily usage, is there anything else i need to do. thanks ps its on wifi. im electric only

Hassle Bulb to arrange a coordinated re-pairing time where they restart the IHD’s unique GUID with your account their end and you reboot the IHD at home

I did that two weeks ago with @Noah_at_Bulb and it connected instantly, found the meters and network with no problems since

Hi @richard.evans.home60, I hope you’re well.

For the vast majority of cases where the In Home Display (IHD) is not working properly, we can perform a manual reconnection to get them connected again. You can do this yourself through your Bulb account here.

You should see your usage data on the IHD within 48 hours. I would also recommend manually resetting the device every so often over the next couple of days as well whilst we establish connection. You can do this by holding down the on/off button for 15 seconds until the screen turns off and comes on again.

Let us know how this goes. - Sam

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Hi Sam thanks for reply.

Done all the reading i can now, and done all the things i can. done the report thing also once few days ago and again last night, your getting my readings just no IHD at the minute, i have hocked it up to my own wifi, and its a 2 / 3 metres away from meter, no boxing around the meter. i have looked at my meter, it says bulb in the display see metre readings & the mpan number, where it says customer ID on metre its blank. also note the mpan on the meter and the mpan on the IHD are not the same, my IHD has i assume generic data from oct 19 on it. ill keep turning off an on and give it another 48 to 96 hours and reported back thank you

That sounds great @richard.evans.home60, if you have gone through the steps in the Bulb account that I shared just before, then it should reconnect in the next few days. If it doesn’t, let me know on here and I will send you an email to go over what we can do next for you. Although - I am confident it will work! Keep us updated. - Sam

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I tried all the methods you suggested for 14 months @SamR_at_Bulb

In the end the coordinated re-pairing/re-starting method with @Noah_at_Bulb was the ONLY method which worked


thanks shaun do i need to call them to do that, as it clearly does not match the meter with the MPRN & MPAN the ones on my IHD are different to mine, maybe they are waiting for my gas to come across still as i was only electric with them, as had no gas. Im not that bothered if it dont work, but would be nice though. to monitor usage things left on ect. if its going to be 14 months of hassle and calls i wont bother.

Hi @shaun5948, there are multiple fixes we have for IHD’s that are not working. On the vast majority of cases a simple reconnection fix is all that is required for the IHD to connect to the smart meter. In your case, as you needed to book a commissioning timeslot, I assume that your IHD was never commissioned to the smart network in the first place.

For your case @richard.evans.home60, if restarting the connection does not work we will go through the next steps together over email, and we will definitely get it working.- Sam


My meters had been ‘smart’ and both reporting monthly to Bulb for about 6 months so in my case it was simply a matter of re-pairing the IHD and it’s unique GUID to my Bulb account which needed a coordinated method both ends arranged one day with Bulb

All was organised via this forum and then an email conversation for two weeks in advance

The actual re-synching of the IHD took just two minutes and was done by 4:10pm on a 4-5 time bracket

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thanks sam, i have a feeling the IHD is not configured tbh, as when i look at IHD info it says the wrong MPAN & MPRN & the time is incorrect as with meter readings on it , i have tried and tired to use the pair function to the meter, nothing, the left side just tries to connect with a few bars the right side of screen shows its connected to the wifi ok. fingers crossed Monday it will spring to life :slight_smile:

just as well im techie so this should not be too differcult @shaun5948 with what your saying im convinced its not configured, as i was expecting to see my MPAN at least, i have given them my MPRN for gas also, but knew i may have to sort myself with them. im sure Bulb will sort it, i am very understanding and willing to work with them on these sort of trails, its still all very new atm, i had smart meters with BG and it took them just over a year to get it all going in the end too. difference is when i was with BG the support was awful, at least some one is replying and helping, and when BG was booked to fit it took 3 attempts blown out appointments. I have been a Bulb customer since dec, and other than things having to settle down, i have had no issues with them supplying my own readings, then paying what i owe, keeping a DD in place then paying the rest each month

thanks for support sam, i will update here monday/tuesday thanks again

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My IHD wasn’t paired with Bulb at all before this re-pairing, it couldn’t find or see either meter or my account

It’s phone number and account it was connected to were just a generic load of blurb from the factory settings

Once it was re-paired and working the number changed to Bulb’s customer services, their name was written into the system and my meter’s unique serial numbers added

Thanks @shaun5948 it certainly sounds the same situation indeed. they prob need the 2 address’s off the IHD, yes mine look the same very genetic. as you say prob a few minutes job, its good that the meter is talking to them, which is a start, just linking the IHD, i guess if you change supplier it will be the same issue from supplier to supplier. thanks for your experiences and info, the installer did forewarn me, and being in tech support i understood what he was saying, so if the steps taken im sure sam will help with sorting it :).

Hi @richard.evans.home60 It sounds like your IHD may be on the default / example screen, meaning it’s not been connected to your smart meters. Hopefully this isn’t the case and it’s now working as it should.

If not, please let me know and we’ll email you to sort this out .

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Thank you for reply, nope still the same rebooted a few times over weekend and this morning, looks default to me too, So id assume not set up either.

Thanks Richard

Hi @richard.evans.home60,

I’m sorry for the problems you’ve had with your IHD.
I’m going to send you an email now so we can look into getting this fixed.

Hi Noah

Thanks i sent email showing the front ie whats on screen showing it connected to wifi, & the numbers ts the bottom as i guess its those you need.

Not a problem at all thanks for the prompt support dealing with the issue.

sorry to hijack, my install happened yesterday and I to have the “demo” data with gas and electric (I don’t have gas). The installer had a lot of issues apparently along with it being his first solo (he was very very nervous) installation so he was on the phone to various colleagues a lot!
I’ve tried restarting the device (off and on etc) but it doesn’t seem paired to the equipment on the meter but the time resets to 11:59/12:00 every time. I have my IHD connected via wifi as well (not that it seems to matter).
The engineer did say it would start working in 24/48hrs.

There is a Toshiba SKU1 Cellular which i believe handles the comms between “bulb” and also the IHD and the lights flash green every 2 seconds.

@richard.evans.home60 I hope yours gets fixed and what you are getting is very similar to me so hopefully you can share what was done!

Hi mine took a few days for reading to be on the bulb website, but i can see usages each day now on the website, i only see 1 reading though at the minute, so no idea if working or night the usage just give a used cost each day not the reading so no idea how many units ive used, I got email yesterday and sent all the numbers on IHD, its now being escalated to the smart team, i would imagine that is going to take some time too. i guess its on of those things to stick with it, i was with BG and they took months and months to sort it out. so fingers crossed bulb do better, the support so far has been first class. Good luck getting yours sorted i would wait for a week before, and making sure bulb are getting data from meter as IHD is just a display and nothing to do with the actual readings

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